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Vertical Gardening, Part 1 of 3


Gardening is more fun if you can stand up to do it. Vertical gardening does not remove the need to prepare the soil, but it provides plenty of rewards after you spade the dirt and add nutrients. Florida was under water for millions of years, and there is virtually nothing in our soil that nourishes […]

Growing Fruit Trees In Florida

Planting fruit trees around your property has the biggest advantage of having fruit readily available right outside your back door instead of having to drive to the store or local farmers market to get it.  It’s healthier, tastes better, saves money and is more convenient. Right Fruit Tree, Right Location Deciding what types of fruit trees […]

Ways To Compare Irrigation Contractors

You’ve decided to make the investment to your property by installing a new irrigation system.  Now you need to choose a contractor.  The first step is to identify licensed and insured contractors that are permitted by County and City Municipalities to install sprinkler systems. Next , you’ll need to select a reputable contractor.  Ask how […]

Where Does Cape Coral Irrigation Water Come From?

The City of Cape of Cape Coral provides two sources of water, potable water and non-potable water.  Potable water is safe to drink with, cook with, clean with and wash our clothes with.  Non-potable water is only safe to irrigate our lawns, water our landscaping or wash our cars. Potable water is much more expensive […]

Irrigation Water In Cape Coral

There are two sources for irrigation water in The City of Cape Coral: 1.     Wells 2.     Non-Potable Water Most of the Southeast and Southwest areas of Cape Coral have had dual water come through.  Most of these homeowners no longer use well water to irrigate their lawns because they have hooked […]

Cape Coral Water – Potable vs. Non-Potable

The City of Cape Coral provides potable water to residential and commercial properties within the city limits.  This is the water we use to drink, cook, clean, bathe, wash our clothes, etc.  It’s the water that comes into our property through pipes and comes out of our faucets when we turn them on. The non-potable […]

Cape Coral Canal Levels Are Dropping

If you live on one of the Cape Coral canals you probably notice that the water levels are dropping.  The City of Cape Coral uses water in the canals to supplement the irrigation water supply.  They pump the water out of the canals, lakes and retention ponds into the non-potable water supply so that property […]

Cape Coral Watering Restrictions

Despite the rains we have had for the last several nights, Cape Coral has an early start to the dry season.  There was NO, NONE, ZERO recorded rainfall for the month of November.  It’s usual that we have had precipitation in December. There is a year round mandatory watering restriction on place for the City […]

Zoysia Sod Works Well For Shady Cape Coral Properties

Zoysia Sod Likes The Shade Zoysia is one of many sods used in Southwest Florida.  One of the benefits of Zoysia sod is that is likes shady areas.  If your Cape Coral property has a lot of mature trees that provide shady areas then you should consider Zoysia for your new yard. Zoysia Sod Has […]