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Cape Coral Water – Potable vs. Non-Potable

cape-coral-waterThe City of Cape Coral provides potable water to residential and commercial properties within the city limits.  This is the water we use to drink, cook, clean, bathe, wash our clothes, etc.  It’s the water that comes into our property through pipes and comes out of our faucets when we turn them on.

The non-potable water resources are the water sources we use primarily use to irrigate our lawns.  These water sources come from wells, reclaimed water, canals, lakes and retention ponds.

You may not bring non-potable water into a commercial or residential property through pipes, hose bibs or any other method of transference.  Non-potable water should not be used to drink, bathe, fill swimming pools or to water any type of edible crop.

You should only use non-potable water to for your irrigation system.water in sink

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