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Zoysia Sod Works Well For Shady Cape Coral Properties

Zoysia Sod Likes The Shade

Zoysia is one of many sods used in Southwest Florida.  One of the benefits of Zoysia sod is that is likes shady areas.  If your Cape Coral property has a lot of mature trees that provide shady areas then you should consider Zoysia for your new yard.

Zoysia Sod Has That “Well Manicured” Look

While Zoysia is a great choice for shady areas, many consumers like it because of its low profile, well manicured look.  It has a very “clean” look to it.  Zoysia is often used on golf courses or in commercial properties where there are courtyards, large overhanging trees or a lot of traffic.  Zoysia takes longer to establish itself than Bermuda or Floratam sod.  However, once established it handles foot traffic very well (which is one reason they use it on golf courses).

Zoysia Sod Is Salt Tolerant

Zoysia sod is a good choice if you live on one of Cape Coral’s canals because it tolerates salt water better than some of the other grasses will.  We handled a lot of service calls when Tropical Storm Debbie came through of folks whose yard was browning at the sea wall.  The cause of this was the waters that crashed over their sea walls.  Any sod is going to die back when it’s drenched with salt water but Zoysia seems tolerate it a little better than the rest.

Let R & R Sprinkler and Landscape Help You Make An Informed Sod Choice

There are many sod choices for your Southwest Florida property.  Contact us today to help you make an informed choice for your new yard based on location, sun exposure, shade tolerance and many other external factors.  Re-sodding your property is a large investment.  Let us help you select the right kind.

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