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A Clean Job Site Is A Reflection Of The Company

A Clean Job Site Is a Reflection of The Company

R & R Sprinkler and Landscape has been in the Lee County, Florida area for 40 years.  One principle we take seriously is job site clean up.  We want to leave a customer’s property in order when we are done working for the day.  We are working in a construction field and it’s not always possible to leave a site perfect.  However, we do believe in cleaning up after ourselves.  If we made a mess, even if we are returning to work there the next day, we should leave it in a consolidated state for the sake of the property owner.  How our landscape or irrigation installation crews leave a job site at the end of the day is a direct reflection of our company.  We always want to you to reflect on us as a tidy, reputable company that you are proud to have on your property.

A Clean Job Site Is Safer

We provide landscaping and irrigation services both for residential and commercial properties alike.   Job site clean up is ascetically important, but it’s necessary for safety reasons.  A messy job site is dangerous.   An unfilled hole should be well marked with a cone, bucket or roped off.  Loose gravel needs to be consolidated in  a pile.  Shovels, rakes and hand tools should never be left loose while not in use.  Regardless whether our sites involve kids, pets or even elderly people, we know they need to be left cleaned up to avoid unnecessary injury to everyone involved.

Customer’s Need To Contact Companies With Unkept Job Sites

We communicate to our employees how important it is for us to have a clean appearance.  Whether it be by the uniforms we wear, the vehicles we drive or the state we leave a job site –  we always want to appear neat.  Customer’s should expect this out of the companies they do business with.  If a field technician, a van or a job site looks messy to you then we suggest you call our office to report the issue.  A lot of companies, especially family owned and operated ones such as R & R Sprinkler and Landscape WANT to know if their appearance isn’t holding up to the standards they have set.  We appreciate it when our clients let us know if things don’t add up to the R & R name.  Once again, we always want to you to reflect on us as a tidy, reputable company that you are proud to have on your property.


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