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Cape Coral Canal Levels Are Dropping


If you live on one of the Cape Coral canals you probably notice that the water levels are dropping.  The City of Cape Coral uses water in the canals to supplement the irrigation water supply.  They pump the water out of the canals, lakes and retention ponds into the non-potable water supply so that property owners can use the water to operate their sprinkler systems.

It is now officially considered the dry season and watering restrictions are in full force.  The citizens of Cape Coral have been asked to adhere to the 2 day a week watering schedule in preparation for the months of drought that are ahead.  Failure to adhere to the watering restrictions could lead to depletion of the water supply used for irrigation systems.  The City of Cape Coral is not trying to be mean by having watering restrictions, they are being proactive to conserve water for the remainder of the dry season.

Prime example of how critically low our water supply already is has already been displayed by how much water they have already had to pump out of the canals to meet customer’s demands.  The end result is low water levels in Cape Coral canals.  We personally live on a canal and have already begun to see the ground near the seawalls.  This is alarming considering we are not even halfway through our drought season.
Conservation today is vital to avoid watering restrictions being further reduced to one day a week.  The next step beyond that would be to cut off non potable watering sources all together.  Our canals, lakes and retention ponds are going to dry up.  Furthermore, our underground aquifers will be depleted.

Cutting off non potable water sources will have adverse affects for the lawns and landscaping of the properties of Cape Coral.  Further more it will be devastating to industries like ours.

Be a responsible Cape Coral citizen by adhering to The City of Cape Coral’s current watering restrictions:



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