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Where Does Cape Coral Irrigation Water Come From?

water in handsThe City of Cape of Cape Coral provides two sources of water, potable water and non-potable water.  Potable water is safe to drink with, cook with, clean with and wash our clothes with.  Non-potable water is only safe to irrigate our lawns, water our landscaping or wash our cars.

Potable water is much more expensive to use than non-potable water.  Therefore, the two water sources are put on seperate water meters and come from different sources.

In the City of Cape Coral non-potable water comes through a variety of sources.

1.  Reclaimed Water:  this is the waste water that goes through the water treatment plant, is filtered and re-distributed as non potable water.

2.  Wells:  this is the water that is pulled up from a well drilled in your yard.  This water comes from underground water aquifers.  It’s not metered and is the most economical form of water to have.

3.  Supplemental Water Sources:  these are water sources other than reclaimed water or well water.  They are pumped into the non-potable water supply from canals, lakes, and retention ponds.

Don’t irrigate your property with potable water.  It’s much too expensive and is a waste of water than can be used for necessary purposes.  Be sure not to drink non-potable water.  If you need help determining your sources of potable or non-potable water to your property call R & R Sprinkler today.

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