The Right Landscaping For Small Outdoor Spaces

When landscaping for a small outdoor space planning, design and selection are all important elements that need to work together to make the project a reality.  You’ll need to select elements that will work in the space in the long run.  No one wants to go through the time and expense of installing outdoor landscaping […]

Brown Spots In Your Yard

Brown spots in a Southwest Florida lawn are almost inevitable. However, if you can narrow down the cause of the brown spots then you have a better chance to remedy the problem. Causes of Brown Spots There are a million causes for brown spots in your yard. Some of the most common causes are pet […]

Your Lawn Needs Watered When…

The grass is turning a blueish gray color When the blades of the grass are folding in half When you can step on your lawn and your foot print remain once you step away You have brown spots Your grass in dying R & R Sprinkler and Landscape can install a economically water efficient irrigation […]

Can I Lay Sod Over Sod?

We are often asked if you can lay new sod over existing sod. This is not advisable. The correct way to do it is to have your existing yard chemically killed. Once the grass is dead it should be scraped out, removed and disposed of properly. A good installer will inspect the existing grade and […]

Know How Much Water You Are Applying To Your Yard And Landscaping

Knowing how much water you are applying to your lawn and landscaping will help you determine if you are over watering or under watering your property. A good way to determine how much moisture you are applying to your grass is a “Catch Can Test”. To administer a “Catch Can Test” you’ll need 6 small […]

Can I Over-water My Lawn?

Generally, not including nature’s rain, we all tend to over water our lawn and landscaping. Knowing how much water your yard needs is an important piece of information in preventing over watering. In the summer months a typical lawn needs to be watered a minimum of once a week, possibly even up to every 3 […]

The Effects Of Over-Watering Your Grass / Lawn

There are some tell tales signs that you are over watering your grass. You are over watering if you notice yellowing or graying of your grass or if you notice an increase in the amount of weeds. Over watering can drown the roots of the lawn and landscaping or can cause them to become shallow […]

How Often Should I Water My New Sod / Grass / Lawn?

Installing new sod is a pretty substantial financial investment in your property. To ensure it roots correctly and lasts a long time we recommend you water it twice a day for the first 3 weeks. The length of time you will water will vary by the type of irrigation system and/or irrigation heads you are […]

Water According To Your Soil Type

Water According To Your Soil Type Knowing what type of soil you have will help you determine how long the sprinklers should run in that zone.  Water soaks in the ground at different rates depending on the density of the soil  A more dense soil will take longer for the water to penetrate or it […]