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Know How Much Water You Are Applying To Your Yard And Landscaping

Knowing how much water you are applying to your lawn and landscaping will help you determine if you are over watering or under watering your property. A good way to determine how much moisture you are applying to your grass is a “Catch Can Test”.

To administer a “Catch Can Test” you’ll need 6 small cans, tuna cans are an ideal size. Place the 6 cans spread out in the area that you are going to water. Let your sprinkler run for it’s schedule time. At the end of the cycle take a ruler and measure how much water is in each can. Add them together and divide it by 6. This will get you the average amount of water being administered to your yard in that area.

Typically you should only be administering 3/4″ of saturation at any given time. If you are less then 3/4″ you need to increase the amount of time you are watering. If your average is over 3/4″ then you will need to decrease the amount of time you are watering.

If you need us to help determine how long to water or how to adjust your timer please let us know.

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