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Can I Over-water My Lawn?

Generally, not including nature’s rain, we all tend to over water our lawn and landscaping. Knowing how much water your yard needs is an important piece of information in preventing over watering.

In the summer months a typical lawn needs to be watered a minimum of once a week, possibly even up to every 3 days depending on your area’s watering restrictions. In the winter the lawn only needs to be watered once a week at a maximum or even up to every 10 days depending on the area climate. Your lawn only needs to receive 3/4″ of saturated water at any given time. The best way to determine if you are over or under watering is to do a “Catch Can Test”. This will help you determine how much water you are actually applying.

The best scenario to water your lawn is to have an automatic sprinkler system. If you need a new system or your existing system needs repaired so that it’s working property let us know. We can help.

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