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brown spots in grass

Brown Spots In Your Yard

brown spots in grassBrown spots in a Southwest Florida lawn are almost inevitable. However, if you can narrow down the cause of the brown spots then you have a better chance to remedy the problem.

Causes of Brown Spots

There are a million causes for brown spots in your yard. Some of the most common causes are pet urine, over or under fertilization, insect infestation, improper mowing, fungus or disease and improper irrigation.

Pet Urine Urine Causes Brown Spots

Pet urine is a culprit for smaller brown spots in a yard. However, they are the easiest and least expensive to correct. Pet urine has a high concentration of nitrogen that will burn your grass if applied repeatedly. If your pet has the habit of urinating in the same spot all the time then a brown spot will likely appear. You should hand water this area to flush it out and encourage your dog to use the bathroom in many areas of the yard instead of just one.

Proper Fertilization Makes Your Lawn Healthy

A lot of homeowners try to fertilize their own lawns. A properly fertilized yard is like a properly maintained body, it will be stronger and healthier. A human takes vitamins to stay well. Fertilizer is the multi vitamin for your grass. Over or under fertilizing the grass will impact the health. When applying fertilizer you should mix it property and distribute it evenly. Our best recommendation is to hire a professional company to do it. They have the equipment and knowledge to apply it properly.

Brown Spots Can Be Caused by Disease and Fungus

As mentioned above, a property fertilized lawn is a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn is much more difficult for a disease or fungus to attack than a weaker one. Investing in the right fertilization is your first step to avoid brown spots. However, fungi and disease love the hot humid climate that Florida provides and sometimes cannot be avoided. Because of the wide variety of fungus and disease out there we don’t recommend you try to treat it yourself. We again, recommend that you hire a professionally licensed and insured company to treat it for you. We have trusted companies we work with. Call us for a referral.

Insects Also Cause Brown Spots In Your Grass

Insect infestation is a culprit to brown spots in your grass. A common insect that attacks the root of the grass are grubs. They attack at the most vulnerable spot, the roots, which makes recovery for the grass much more difficult. Again, there are hundreds of insects that attack Florida yards. Trying to figure out what kind of insect that is attacking your grass and causing brown spots can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Once again, call us for a recommendation for a reputable pest control company.

Improper Mowing Is Damaging To Your Yard

Mowing the lawn too short exposes the roots to the brutal Florida sun that could cause burn spots. Mowing grass with a blade that isn’t sharpened will shred your the grass instead of cutting the grass. Eventually the shredded grass will die and produce brown, ugly spots in the grass. Whether you mow your yard yourself or have a company do it for you, have the deck of the lawn mower raised and the blades sharpened. You may need to cut the grass more often but it’s an easier and less expensive fix than having to replace the entire yard because it’s dead.

Improper Irrigation Is The Biggest Culprit for Brown Spots

An improperly installed or ill adjusted sprinkler system is one of the biggest causes of brown spots in your yard. You may need more sprinkler heads added to your system. You may just need your existing heads adjusted for better coverage. You may even have a water pressure problem in your area that is not pushing the water far enough to reach spots that are browning. You can hand water these areas or you can call us for an evaluation and proposal to correct insufficient irrigation problems.

Brown spots in our yards are a pain in the neck. Whether they are caused by pets, bugs, diseases, improper fertilization, improper mowing or improper watering, R & R Sprinkler and Landscape can help you with a solution.

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