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Fruit Trees For Small Southwest Florida Properties

grapefruitLiving in Florida has the advantages of great weather, tropical environments and fresh orange juice.  For the homeowner that doesn’t have a lot of property growing an orange tree so they can have fresh orange juice poses a problem because they don’t have the land necessary to do so.

Dwarf Variety Citrus Trees

Fortunately there is an alternative for Southwest Florida homeowners that would like to have manageable size citrus trees –  plant a dwarf variety.

As the name indicates, dwarf variety trees are smaller in size.  A smaller tree won’t take up as much space, the roots are not as invasive, hey don’t require a lot of property and it’s easier to pick the fruit off of them.

The most common types of dwarf fruit trees in Southwest Florida are Meyer Lemon Trees, Eureka Lemon Trees, Kieffer Limes, Tahatian Limes, Mexican Key Limes, Sweet Limes, Washington Navel Oranges, Seedless Valencia Oranges, Papaya Trees and Bananas Trees.

Just because it is a “dwarf” variety tree doesn’t mean that the fruit is smaller than a normal size tree.  It just means that the tree itself is smaller.  However, it is important to understand the relevance of the size of a tree to its fruit production.  A larger orange tree is going to yield a larger crop of fruit than a dwarf variety the same way a 3″ diameter pipe will move more water than a 1″ pipe will.  Larger size means more results.

Caring For Dwarf Variety Citrus Trees

To properly care for dwarf variety fruit trees you need to water adequately but not too much.  You need the right mixture of nutrients in the soil.  You’ll also need the proper supply of fertilization.

Citrus trees love sunlight.  They need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day.  Planting a dwarf variety citrus tree in the shade will hinder fruit production.

Need Help Selection Dwarf Variety Citrus Trees?

Dwarf variety trees can be planted in ground or in containers.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both.  To further discuss these and determine which dwarf variety trees are proper for your Southwest Florida home feel free to contact R & R Sprinkler and Landscape.


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