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How Often Should I Water My Lawn With A Sprinkler System


Have you ever asked yourself “How often should I water my lawn with a sprinkler system?” If your neighbor has a perfect lawn that is the envy of many, it is high time you follow some lawn maintenance practices that will help you achieve the same flawless lawn appearance. When it comes to knowing the […]

How To Protect Against Garden Pests

Your landscape when well-maintained can be an attractive feature of your property. Once your plants are infested by pests, the once captivating landscape can become an unsightly yard. Pests don’t necessarily infest random landscapes. They thrive on yards that lack regular maintenance. Without giving much attention to your landscape, pests can chew your flowers and […]

Florida Lawn Care Tips And Tricks For Beginners


Seeing well-manicured lawns and healthy landscape can leave you green with envy. In all likelihood, you might be thinking of following some best practices to get the same results. The good news is that you do not have to be a seasoned landscape artist to achieve such results. Even if you are a beginner, you […]

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Creating An Edible Landscape

Florida landscapes can be about more than just growing flowers and decorative plants. You also have the option to plant fruits, herbs, and vegetables to achieve an edible landscape. If you want a type of landscaping that requires less maintenance, perennial edible plants are the best option to consider. Aside from growing food, you are […]

Does Your Lawn Need More Water In Winter?

Does Your Lawn Need More Water In Winter?

When it’s winter, you’ll notice that your lawn becomes dormant and the plant has a slow growth rate. This is because of the infrequent cold weather that causes the grass to go into shock. You can increase your lawn’s chance of looking good all winter if you consider winterizing it. Be sure to employ proper lawn care […]

Broken Sprinkler System? 4 Reasons To Get It Repaired

A sprinkler system is an essential component for maintaining your yard. Your landscaping project won’t be complete without a reliable sprinkler for your plants and flowers to bloom. You may already see signs of damage as your sprinkler is no longer working as it should. You might be a little hesitant to get your sprinkler […]

South Florida Plant Guide: How to Achieve Beautiful Low Maintenance Landscaping

Florida is blessed with many days of wet weather – 53 inches on average in Cape Coral alone. All this precipitation helps Florida grow some of the most beautiful flora, hence the name of the state. Unfortunately, all that growth also means lots of maintenance. Considering the rising cost of living, most homeowners don’t have time to […]

3 Landscaping Tips That Will Turn Your Pool Into an Oasis

When you live in Florida, having a pool is a must. But if you want to make the most of the Floridian summer sun, you’ll need a pool that invites you in and around it, day after day. If you want an oasis-like pool fit for a tropical paradise, then check out these landscaping tips […]