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How Often Should I Water My Lawn With A Sprinkler System

Have you ever asked yourself “How often should I water my lawn with a sprinkler system?”

If your neighbor has a perfect lawn that is the envy of many, it is high time you follow some lawn maintenance practices that will help you achieve the same flawless lawn appearance. When it comes to knowing the proper schedule for lawn watering, a lot of factors will come into play. Some of these essential factors are considering the moisture of your plants, the type of soil, the weather and the plant species.

With a sprinkler system, you will be able to have a picture-perfect lawn. When it comes to watering the grass, you need to do it once the leaf blades start to curl or when you have a dull-looking lawn. There is no need to water much if you have a dry winter. You should observe when the grass goes dormant. It usually happens during the warm season. The summer season causes your lawn to demand more moisture. An inch of water each week will still suffice depending on the weather condition.

Be aware of the municipal government’s mandatory restrictions regarding water supplies. There are areas wherein homeowners are allowed to water lawns no more than twice a week. This watering schedule is already enough to keep plants moisturized. If you have newly-planted flowers or grass, they need frequent watering for the roots to fully develop.

How often should my sprinkler system run in the garden?

Erosion has a negative impact on your lawn. You can avoid it by ensuring that you adhere to the right watering schedule.

Many garden areas are installing a sprinkler system for a good reason such as ensuring that the plant and the soil get enough moisture. However, it is also important to note that too much moisture can also make your plants become prone to diseases. A sprinkler system is also ineffective if you live in a windy area. Make sure that your sprinkler system is efficient so your lawn continues to grow healthy regardless of the season. That said, you have to check your sprinkler system once a year to ensure that it has enough water to distribute across your lawn.

An experienced sprinkler company will help you to conduct an annual inspection so your system will function efficiently and effectively. The evaluation process will involve looking for the areas in your yard that either gets too little or too much water. A closer look at the sprinkler heads will also be necessary as it ensures that this component of your sprinkler system is still functional. Malfunctioning sprinkler heads can result in watering your driveway or sidewalks. Once you notice that your lawn is not absorbing enough water and the water runs off instead, it is important to change your watering schedule to prevent your landscape from being over-watered.

Avoid the “set it and forget it” mindset if you have an automated sprinkler system. You still have to check it to prevent wasting water. You will know that your sprinkler system is not working as it used to if there are wets spots or dry spots on your lawn, leaking sprinkler heads, misting sprinklers, and unusually high water bills. If you suspect a problem with your sprinkler system, be sure to call a specialist to take care of the problem.

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