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Dress Up Your Drive Way Landscaping Tips To Make Your Property More Welcoming

Dress Up Your Drive Way: Landscaping Tips To Make Your Property More Welcoming

Your driveway is the first thing that your guests see when visiting you. It might just be an area where you park your car, but to your guests and neighbors, this area can either be inviting or intimidating. You can increase the curb appeal of your home exterior by making a few changes to the design.

Dressing up your driveway is not only meant to impress your guests but also to add value to your property. While most attention is focused on your home interior, you should not ignore your exteriors as well. You can turn your driveway into a sophisticated entrance with these creative ideas:

Fix Cracks and Pressure Wash Driveways

Your driveway can show typical signs of wear and tear through the years. Ugly mold and cracked concrete can be unsightly. They usually occur due to the Southwest Florida’s extreme temperatures and heavy rain. You can repair small cracks, but long and deep cracks require complete driveway replacement. Maybe it’s finally time to switch to some beautiful pavers?

For driveways that only look jaded, cleaning it will restore it to its best condition. When it comes to cleaning your driveways, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, as a rule of thumb, you should use only products designed for the job. Pressure washing is how most homeowners go about cleaning driveways, and you can also use a cleaning product to pre-treat the area before pressure washing.

Transform Your Driveway

There are many options worth exploring that will help you spruce up your driveway. If you want to transform your driveway completely, you can replace it with pavers, or new pavers. There are so many colors and patterns to choose from; you’ll enjoy finding the perfect match for your home. Make sure that you get a professional on the job to ensure proper installation.

Dress up your garage and garden

You should not only focus on your driveway when reinventing your home exterior because your front yard and garage also need attention. If you want to create a grand entrance, it is imperative that you give these a make-over as well. For your garage, repaint the door to make it more appealing. For your garden, you can add a statue, a water feature, and strategically planned landscaping beds. You can also call an expert to plan and execute the landscape design for you, especially if yard work is not your cup of tea.

Manicure Your Lawn

Most properties in Cape Coral and the surrounding areas have large front lawns. Hence, the easiest way the spruce up the curb appeal of your home might be to take care of your lawn.

Especially going into the drier winter season, making sure that you have a sprinkler system installed, and that it is working properly on a timer, can be the difference between hay and grass in front of your home. Next, get on a landscape maintenance plan the ensure that grass is mowed weekly during summer and 2-3 times per month during winter. Add weed control and fertilization to that plan and never give your lawn a second thought besides enjoying the sight of it.

Take your time to choose from a broad spectrum of color and style options so you can select the type of architecture that will reflect your home’s personality. The material you use can also affect the final result of your project so make sure you do a lot of research.  You do not have to spend a fortune to dress up your driveway. Simple repairs and changes can make a difference. If you want to take your driveway makeover to the next level, it is necessary to give professional landscapists a call.

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