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Commercial and Residential Paving Services

Paving can be a great way to beautify the area of your property surrounding or near a pool. Pavers help homeowners save time and money on landscaping costs while also adding value to a property and increasing the functionality of a back yard.

Patios and walkways are the most common ways that pavers are used around pool areas. In addition to looking beautiful, paving around a pool reduces the likelihood of slips and falls, keeps everyone’s feet cleaner, and stabilizes the surface around the water feature.

Unlike many other things involved with having a pool, this type of hardscape is fairly cheap to have professionally installed. There are thousands of prefabricated paver patterns, designs and colors to choose from. It’s also possible to create a customized design that can be fitted to just about any size or shaped area. After installation, a custom-designed hardscape can add thousands of dollars in value to a home.

One of the reasons this type of material is so popular around pools is that it can cut down on the time and money a home owner will spend caring for the area around the pool. With the harsh chemicals used to keep a pool sparkling, it can be extremely difficult to get any kind of small plant, such as grass, to actually grow. Large plants such as trees can have roots that will interfere with or break the lining of the pool; causing thousands of dollars in damage. On the other hand, simply leaving a pile of dirt near the pool can cause dust and debris to fall into the pool and clog the filter.

A hardscaped area, however, will prevent dirt from getting into the pool and it can stabilize the ground in an area. A properly installed hardscape can prevent dirt from sliding towards or away from a pool area. Once it’s in place, this area can also be great for pool parties. People can walk around the pool and get in and out without worrying about tracking dirt or needing something on their feet.

R & R Sprinkler offers excellent paving installation landscape services. A properly built paved area can last for decades and bring a lot of value to a property.

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