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5 Bright Ideas for Eco-Friendly or Green Landscaping in Florida

5 Bright Ideas for Eco-Friendly or Green Landscaping in Florida

What if you could be a hero and save a ton of money, all at the same time?

It may sound like a pretty tall order. But you can be a hero to your local environment when you embrace eco-friendly landscaping in the sunny state of Florida.

And here’s the kicker: green landscaping done right is also “green” in the sense that it saves you money!

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn the secrets about four ways to embrace green landscaping in Florida!

1. Saving Water Outdoors

Did you know that more than half of residential water use in Florida occurs outdoors? Irrigating wisely outside promotes healthier landscaping and lawns, as well as helping conserve a precious resource.

In a state surrounded by water, water conservation might seem unnecessary, but most of that water isn’t available for irrigation and drinking. Moreover, of the 50 inches of rain received every year, only around 13 inches makes it into the underground aquifers.

Water Your Lawn Only When It Needs It

Florida lawns typically only need to be watered twice a week in fall and winter, and less in spring and summer, or when it rains. Overwatering only results in shallow root systems that are less stress- and drought-tolerant, and encourages weed growth, fungus, and disease.

A heavy rain eliminates the need for watering up to two weeks. The most efficient ways to determine when watering is needed are:

  1. Measuring soil moisture – there is sophisticated soil moisture sensor technology available that will turn your sprinkler system on only when water is required. You can ask your landscaper for recommendations.
  2. Visual and physical inspection – Does the soil around the root zone feel dry? Are leaf blades folding in half, appear bluish-grey, or are footprints and tire tracks lingering? These are all signs of stress.

2. It’s Getting Reel

While we can talk about cutting back on watering as much as we want, all homeowners know the score. You’re still going to have to mow the lawn far more often than you’d like to.

However, if you have to do it, why not get the most out of this workout opportunity. Instead of using a gas-powered mower, try switching to a reel mower.

These are also known as “push” mowers, and they’re basically what your grandparents used. These babies are powered purely by human power as you mow the lawn!

And there are tons of benefits, too. You’ll save money on gas while also sparing the environment your gas fumes. And you’ll give your yard a closer shave, all while giving yourself an excellent workout!

3. Get Current

If reel mowing doesn’t sound like something you are willing, or able, to do, consider an electric mower. These gas consuming alternatives have become very popular in recent times, and models are now readily available for only around $100.

Go the extra mile and solar charge it! Installation of solar panels can be pricey, but do pay off in the long run – both in money and keeping your conscience clear.

4. Avoid Chemicals

Sometimes, homeowners are guilty of treating their yards like a sterile environment. So when they see a problem, they decide that chemicals are the solution.

That’s why so many people use various chemicals to help their lawn grow. If you are serious about living green, though: you should stop doing this right away.

Many lawns need no help at all to grow. And if they do need help, you can use compost and other natural solutions.

Ditching the chemicals will save you money, and it means you avoid the risk of exposing yourself, your kids, and your pets to harmful substances.

If weeds are the reason for your chemical use, find organic herbicides as an alternative. You can also hand-weed with special tools, long screwdrivers, hand trowels or bare hands.

5. Plant More

Most homeowners think of adding more plants and miniature gardens as creating more work for themselves. However, the opposite is true!

Strategically adding plants to your yard can reduce the amount of yard space to mow. This can save time and energy all by itself.

On top of this, things like plant beds are easier to water than lawns. If you’re watering before or after summer, this will save you time, money, and water, all in one go!

Choosing native species ensures all the new plants will practically take care of themselves.

Green Landscaping: The Bottom Line

You know now how green landscaping can save the planet and save your budget. But do you know a company who can help with your sprinklers and native landscaping?

At R&R Sprinklers and Landscape, we are the final authority in a green and beautiful lawn. To see how we can make your yard “greener” than ever, contact us today!

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