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Broken Sprinkler System? 4 Reasons To Get It Repaired

A sprinkler system is an essential component for maintaining your yard. Your landscaping project won’t be complete without a reliable sprinkler for your plants and flowers to bloom. You may already see signs of damage as your sprinkler is no longer working as it should. You might be a little hesitant to get your sprinkler repaired, but imagine blowing your money on replacement all because you failed to pay attention to a sprinkler showing signs of wear and tear.

If you’re underestimating the effects of a broken sprinkler system, these reasons might change your mind:

1. A broken sprinkler can snowball into more significant problems.

As they say, “Prevention is better than cure.” Fixing a broken sprinkler means spending a vast amount of money on your water bill and pipe replacement. You may not be fully aware that something is wrong with your sprinkler so paying extra attention to your water bill is your best bet. Has it suddenly inflated from one month to another? This is a sign of a broken sprinkler head or pipe. Repair the problem to avoid paying for fines from your homeowner’s association or city.

2. Your broken sprinkler could cause property damage.

Unless you live in a secluded area, a broken sprinkler can flood your neighbor’s house if it is left unrepaired. You may also face potential lawsuits, which can be stressful as it demands time and money. If a broken sprinkler caused property damage, you would be held liable for the losses, and you may be left with no choice but to pay for it.

3. An unrepaired sprinkler wastes water.

Florida is surrounded by water, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about conserving water. There are still parts of the country that don’t enjoy the same abundance as Florida does due to drought conditions.

You can spill up to 5 to 10 gallons of water if a sprinkler system is under pressure. Spilled gallons of water is wasted water, which could have served a better purpose if only you fixed a broken sprinkler head. Repairing your sprinkler conserves water and saves the environment.

4. A broken sprinkler system won’t do its job correctly.

It will be challenging to fulfill your landscaping needs if you have a broken sprinkler. Some parts of your lawn may be under-watered or over-watered. Instead of ensuring that your yard looks its best, you’re doing the opposite. There’s a wide range of issues associated with a broken sprinkler system including, wasting water and money and water damage.

You can avoid these headaches if you get your broken sprinkler system repaired. Having an efficient sprinkler will not only keep your yard attractive but also save money so you can sustain your landscaping project.

You will need a reliable repair company to check the efficiency of your sprinkler system. Get in touch with R&R Sprinkler to keep your sprinkler in excellent condition. It’s impossible to have a green lawn without an efficient sprinkler helping you to maintain your yard. Check out our services to find out how we can help you with your landscaping projects.

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