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Does Your Lawn Need More Water In Winter?

Does Your Lawn Need More Water In Winter?

When it’s winter, you’ll notice that your lawn becomes dormant and the plant has a slow growth rate. This is because of the infrequent cold weather that causes the grass to go into shock. You can increase your lawn’s chance of looking good all winter if you consider winterizing it. Be sure to employ proper lawn care techniques for your plants to recover faster when spring comes.

Dormancy is normal when cold months approach. During winter months, the grass will not grow as green or as fast. You will also mow your lawn less frequently. Winter is the time of the year that makes your lawn unattractive because the grass turns yellow during this season. Although there are some parts of Florida where the grass stays fairly green, the growth is not as active as in the warmer seasons.

Taking care of your lawn in winter

The best thing to do to ensure that your lawn is at its optimum health is to winterize it. Be sure to follow proper mow height, the proper amount of fertilizer and the correct amount of watering.

Proper lawn-mowing habits should be observed because it plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of your lawn. Winter months can create damage to your lawn if you fail to mow it at an adequate height. It is only during the winter months that you leave the grass taller so you can protect roots from the cold weather. There’s not so much water needed when the growth rate of grass slows down. The grass becomes less exposed to heat in winter, but you still need to consider proper irrigation schedule every 1 to 2 weeks.

The lawn will show signs it needs water. You’ll notice some yellowing, but understand this is as normal as leaves turning in the north. Fertilizing your lawn is not required but if you still prefer to use fertilizer, be sure to use the ones with higher potassium content and lower nitrogen content so the grass can recover quickly.

Your lawn will not go back to normal by fertilizing it more. It will look dead because of the cold weather. Trees, plants, and grass have the same reaction to cold weather. More often than not, residents fertilize the lawn to save it, but it can do more harm than good. Come spring, the grassroots will grow normally again as the weather nurtures the roots. It’s an indicator that the dormancy comes to an end. Your lawn will look lively again once you notice new growth.

Winterizing your lawn increases the possibility of keeping the grass and other plants green once the spring weather comes. Unless advised, never attempt to employ techniques that will only harm your lawn. It’s also recommended that you call experts in lawn maintenance so you can keep your lawn healthy regardless of the season. You can extend the life of your plants when you take note of these maintenance tips.

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