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Common Landscaping Challenges And Their Solutions

Landscaping makes your home more appealing. It provides an additional attraction to your visitors and seeing flowers bloom is a sight to behold. Every yard has unique needs that you have to pay special attention to. When designing a landscape, it needs to be functional and inviting to your visitors. However, keeping your landscape as beautiful as possible entails some challenges. Find out what these challenges are:


Creating privacy can be a challenge without sacrificing the overall appearance of your landscape. More often than not, enhancing your privacy, such as adding a fence, can make your yard less visually appealing. Instead of fencing, consider adding trees and shrubs.

These are a natural option and more affordable than installing a fence. While it may take years for them to grow, they do a great job of blocking the view of your neighbor. Bamboo and vines are also worth considering. Not only do they grow faster, but they are also affordable options. These choices are sure to enhance the visual appeal of your yard.

If you’re not worried about your budget, you can also take an extra step by transforming your patio into an enclosed living space where you can enjoy functionality and privacy at the same time.

Runoff and Erosion

Runoff takes place due to water pollution and waste. Since runoff tends to carry water pollutants, it can result in landscape erosion. When this happens, your water bill will suffer and your neighbor may notice these irregularities and turn you in.

This could mean paying a hefty fine. It ‘s necessary to avoid over watering to prevent runoff. It helps you to conserve water while reducing your water bill. If the runoff is not due to over watering, the design of your landscape will play a vital role in the prevention process. Hiring a professional designer will ensure that your design includes proper drainage.

Growing anything in the shade

It is also a challenge for homeowners to grow anything in areas that only receive limited sunlight. While there are plants that can thrive even with little sunlight, you will need to consult with a professional so you can increase the chance of achieving a visually appealing landscape even in the shadiest part of your garden.

You can install artificial grass to save yourself the headache of growing a shade garden without facing any shade-related challenges. This technique helps you enjoy the long-term benefits of natural lawn minus the weeding, watering, and mowing. Another way that you can make the shady spots more functional is by installing river rock or brick. There are also plants that work best when in shade. Ask a landscape professional to find out more about it.

Making small spaces functional

If you have a small backyard, it seems to be a challenge to maximize the space. You can overcome this challenge by adding features that complement the existing feature of your landscape. Avoid adding the features without any design in mind. You should know what to include so you won’t end up over designing your yard.

A small area might give you limited ideas but if you want a grassy area, consider installing a small patch. Alternating strips of paving stones and artificial grass will also make the small space attractive.

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