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How to Landscape a Yard Without Grass

How to Landscape a Yard Without Grass

A yard without grass can still be landscaped and have an appealing look with the help of several different options.

While most traditional yards and lawns have a luscious layer of green grass, some areas are just not great for grass. The reasoning can be everything from the soil to the climate that can keep grass from growing on your property.

Even if sod is a viable option, lawnless landscaping is becoming increasingly popular to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and irrigation by opting for more native plants and groundcover.

Whether you need or want to landscape a yard without grass, you have a few options such as ground cover, gravel, rocks, and other options to plant a beautiful yard that you can enjoy, even without the grass.

Landscaping Options

Depending on your location and even the size of your property, you have several options to consider when having your property landscaped.

Ground Cover Landscaping

One of the most common options in warm and humid areas is ground cover plants that literally cover the ground, reducing erosion on your property and absorbing water naturally. Your “lawn” does not need to be mowed, and this ground cover will continue to grow throughout the year.

  • Perennial Peanut
  • Sunshine Mimosa
  • Mondo Grass
  • Coral Creeper
  • Blue Daze
  • Asiatic Jasmine

These ground cover plants do not get very high, so walking in your yard is still easy to do. Options like the Asiatic Jasmine have a high tolerance of foot traffic and are still ideal for pets and children to run through regularly.

Rock and Gravel Landscaping

Some yards in the front or back of your property may not be large enough to keep up regular grass mowing maintenance. You can opt to have rocks or gravel brought into the area. Rock landscaping can come in various rock types and sizes, allowing you to have as much or as little of your lawn covered. With rock landscaping, there is very low maintenance since they work as a natural ground cover. You can conserve the water on your property and maintain erosion levels. You can also control the foot traffic on your lawn when you lay out the rock or gravel.

Mulch Landscaping

If you want to turn your yard into a garden oasis, you can add mulch to the area and plant only the flowers you want to see regularly. With mulch beds in your yard, especially with a weed barrier underneath, grass will not grow, and most weeds will die because the mulch prevents them from accessing sunlight. Add mulch on either side of your walkways and build up a walk-through garden that you can enjoy daily and have guests over to enjoy, also.

Decks and Patios

If you want to cover more of an area with no grass, add a deck or patio to the yard to cover the area. The more ground that is covered by these home additions, the less maintenance is required. The borders around the deck or patio can be landscaped to beautify the area with ornamental flowers and plants that have minimal needs.

Do You Have More Questions?

When should I consider an alternative option for my lawn?

If you have been working to grow grass in your yard and have not had any luck, it is time to consider an alternative option in that area.

Or, if you simply don’t want a lawn and prefer a form of xeriscape.

Can I add multiple landscaping options to my lawn instead of grass?

Absolutely you can. You can use rock and gravel landscaping to clear out paths while adding mulch and ground cover plants along these plants to keep the grass out and offer a beautiful area to enjoy.

The Bottom Line…

If you want to have a nice landscaped yard but want to avoid grass maintenance, you have several options to consider. You can even blend these options to create a nice courtyard, outdoor dining area, or a secret garden for you to enjoy.

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