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How to Maintain Your Irrigation System

How to Maintain Your Irrigation System

Irrigation systems play a considerable role in keeping your yard looking great. But many homeowners don’t understand the value of proper maintenance. Today we’re going to share the best practices to maintain your irrigation system.

4 Best Practices to Maintain Your Irrigation System

Many homeowners don’t think twice about their irrigation system. But it is essential to your landscaping needs. The problem is that many homeowners don’t realize that their irrigation system isn’t designed to last forever.

As a result, homeowners often leave their system to chance, leading to more significant problems. Your irrigation system must be properly maintained to ensure it continues to perform the job it needs to do.

For this reason, we’re going to provide homeowners with the best practices to maintain their irrigation system and protect their yard.

Perform a Regular Checkup

The first thing you should always do is perform regular checkups. Taking a closer look at your irrigation system a few times throughout the year will help increase the longevity of your system.

First, it’s a good idea to check your irrigation system when you turn it on at the beginning of the season. The next checkpoint should be done halfway through the season. If possible, it’s a good idea to check your irrigation system every month.

Your checkups should consist of examining the controller for functionality. You should also check the date and time of your system and replace backup batteries when needed. It’s also good to ensure that all wires and sensors are connected for the best performance.

Check Out the Sprinkler Heads

Another critical area of your irrigation system is the sprinkler heads. These heads tend to get damaged over time, which can negatively affect the performance of your system.

To maintain your irrigation system, you will need to replace any damaged or missing heads before watering. Operating with broken heads will harm your irrigation system and wastewater.

Check for Spray Head Leaks

Another thing to watch out for is a spray head leak. It’s not uncommon for dirt and debris to wear away at the wiper seal over time.

When this happens, there will likely be one or more leaks near the upper part of the spray head. It’s important to note that if your spray head is a single unit, you will need to replace your spray head entirely.

Flush the System

Another great way to maintain your irrigation system is by flushing it. Ultimately, you should flush the system at the beginning of the season as this will prevent clogging.

If you don’t flush your system, debris will enter your irrigation system and clog the nozzles. It’s important to note that even regular wear and tear can lead to a clog, which is why flushing is an essential part of maintenance.

Maintaining your irrigation system should be a part of regular landscape maintenance. While many homeowners tend to ignore their irrigation system, it can cost you in the end.

The good news is that maintaining your system is easy when following the proper steps. With that said, be sure to get regular checkups. This will allow you to be proactive about any problems that could be brewing.

It’s also essential to check for damage on your sprinkler head and check your spray head for leaks. Lastly, flush your irrigation system to prevent clogging.

Following these tips will not only improve the functionality of your irrigation system but will allow you to squeeze more life out of your system for long-term use.

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