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Choose The Right Sprinkler Heads For Your Southwest Florida Yard

Choose the Right Sprinkler Heads for Your Southwest Florida Yard

Selecting the right sprinkler head for your lawn is very important. Having a nice lawn compliments the house and shows how much you care about your neighborhood.

Gear sprinkler head

The gear sprinkler head is enclosed in a case with only the nozzle sticking out. Therefore it is quiet during operation and costs less.

It can handle slopes and clay soils. In addition, it works well with larger yards.

Maintenance is easy. The construction prevents debris from clogging the nozzle.

Pop-up sprinkler head

The most commonly used sprinkler head is the pop-up. Placed underground, it will rise up when in use to water the yard. Moreover, there are many nozzle patterns that allow a more tailored irrigation pattern.

Pop-up sprinkler heads are available in 2- to 20-inch heads. The 4-inch is most commonly recommended for lawns, the taller heads are found in gardens or wherever a wider range is required.

The nozzles are customizable to limit water flow if a lower trajectory is needed. Consequently, the pop-up sprinkler head is efficient at delivering the correct amount of water to the area that needs it most.

Impact sprinkler head

This sprinkler head sits on top of a bearing and sprays in a circle by using the force of the outgoing water. The water hits a small “arm” that is in turn pushed against a spring that shoves it back into the path of the water. This forces the sprinkler to rotate.

The impact sprinkler head is good as it is capable of delivering a full circle of water to an area. It is also possible to adjust the pattern to accommodate an area that not a circle by using a limiting collar.

They are also very durable and do not clog due to the force of the water. This makes them excellent for well water.

Turf for Southwest Florida

You will likely find four different types of turf being used around southwest Florida. All are well suited to the climate however you may find that one or two are better for your yard. For example, the landscaping in your yard should be considered. Accordingly, the amount of sun, trees or even foot traffic can all play a factor in which type of turf you select.

St. Augustine grass (especially the Floratam cultivar) and Bahia are the most popular. Both can handle foot traffic and are easy to maintain. Although the Bahia does not do as well in shady areas it is resistant to diseases and insects as well as being very affordable. On the other hand, St. Augustine is good in shade and while slow to grow gives an overall manicured appearance that many gardeners prefer.

Sprinkler heads for any yard

Selecting the right sprinkler head is a matter of knowing your landscape and the type of turf you use. The impact, gear and pop-up all have targeted uses that can allow for coverage in any garden layout.

Using a professional located in your region of southwest Florida is a good start as they will understand the unique situations your landscape requires. In addition, they can recommend the best turf and sprinkler system to use as well as installing it for you.

No matter the size of your yard, there is a solution when it comes to selecting sprinkler heads. Even small yards can benefit from the ease of knowing your yard is getting just the right amount of water needed to keep it looking its best.

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