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Your Home Irrigation System May Not Be Working And This Is Why

Your Home Irrigation System May Not Be Working And This Is Why

Understand the different reasons why your home irrigation system is not working properly and what you can do to solve the problem.

When you check on your home irrigation system, and you start to notice that it is not working properly, whether it be a lack of water, too much, or not coming on, it is time to determine what the issue is and what needs to be done so that you can get your lawn back to its routine.

The Main Reasons Why Your Home Irrigation System is Not Working Correctly

Depending on what your irrigation system is doing, whether attempting to water the lawn, not doing anything at all, or perhaps overwatering, the following reasons are most likely the culprits.

Rust and Corrosion

This reason is one that many homeowners see when they have inherited an irrigation system from a previous owner. If your property has a more matured irrigation system, then it may be time for some standard maintenance and part replacement on your irrigation system. The rust particles will break off and slow down the water pressure and also display discolored water.

Burst or Frozen Pipes

While the weather is primarily mild or warm in Florida, a few cold snaps come through the area periodically. Sometimes, your pipes can burst or become frozen from the temperatures, impacting how well they are working or not working in your irrigation system. When these pipes burst throughout the system, the water will start standing in that area, creating a puddle and flooding that area of the lawn. You want to make sure that your pipes are prepared for the colder weather and can manage temperatures when they reach freezing or below.

Sprinkler Head Damage

During lawn care, sprinkler heads are sometimes run over with lawnmowers or hit while weeding. If the sprinkler is removed entirely or hit at the right angle, it could either stop working or cause a steady stream of water into your lawn.

Clogged Pipes or Equipment

While a single sprinkler head that is clogged does not seem to be a significant issue, it can throw off the pressure in other places in your irrigation system. A gradual pressure change can have another sprinkler head clogged, and the cycle will continue until the pressure is relieved throughout the irrigation system.

Sometimes debris gets lodged in the pipe, especially if there was a large pile of grass clippings left behind after the last mowing. This will get down into the pipes and cause water to build up, slowing the flow throughout the system.

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