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The Gardens At The Edison Fort Winter Estates

Thomas Alva Edison was a winter resident of Fort Myers Florida in the 1920’s.  We all know him as The Inventor of the light bulb.  His home is now a national piece of history.  On this property there are many historical buildings, houses and gardens. Where Is The Edison Ford Winter Estates Located? The Edison […]

Southwest Florida Is Blessed With Botanical Gardens

If you are a lover of nature then no less you frequently visit some of Southwest Florida’s natural beauties like the beaches, State Parks, wetlands and botanical gardens. A Botanical Garden Is…. A botanical garden is a tropical garden intertwined with natural habitats to form a piece of paradise. It’s a great place to study a variety […]

Ways To Compare Irrigation Contractors

You’ve decided to make the investment to your property by installing a new irrigation system.  Now you need to choose a contractor.  The first step is to identify licensed and insured contractors that are permitted by County and City Municipalities to install sprinkler systems. Next , you’ll need to select a reputable contractor.  Ask how […]

Fort Myers Garden Vegetables That Only Have To Be Planted Once

As the price of vegetables rise at Fort Myers grocery stores homeowners are looking for creative ways to cut down on their food expenditure by planting their own gardens. Gardening in Southwest Florida can be challenging because we have a hot humid climate for a majority of the year.  Knowing which vegetables to plant and […]

Caring For Impatiens In Fort Myers Florida

Properly Maintain Impatiens For Longevity Impatiens are an inexpensive flowering plant that can easily be added as a pop of color to your Fort Myers landscaping.  They are easy to keep alive and will bloom for 6-7 months if you follow a few easy steps. Give Impatiens The Proper Amount of Water Impatiens don’t need […]

Impatiens For Your Fort Myers Property

Now Is The Time To Incorporate Impatiens Into Your Fort Myers Landscaping Impatiens are considered an annual.  They are a flowering plant that blooms for 6-7 months out of the year.  They are more tolerant of cooler temperatures, although they still must be protected from frost.  Southwest Florida is experiencing the wonderfully cool weather that […]