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Caring For Impatiens In Fort Myers Florida

Properly Maintain Impatiens For Longevity

Impatiens are an inexpensive flowering plant that can easily be added as a pop of color to your Fort Myers landscaping.  They are easy to keep alive and will bloom for 6-7 months if you follow a few easy steps.

Give Impatiens The Proper Amount of Water

Impatiens don’t need a lot of water nor can you starve them.  Interestingly enough they will take on that tired, withered look whether they are over OR under watered.  If you stick your finger in the soil and its wet then you are applying too much water.  On the other hand if its bone dry then you are not watering enough.  Don’t rely on your sprinkler system to properly water impatiens unless you have a designated drip irrigation zone.  A typical sprinkler head is either too harsh for the flowers or applies too much or too little precipitation.  If you don’t install drip irrigation in the area of your flowering plants of your Fort Myers landscaping then you should hand water them.  Additionally, over watered impatiens run the risk of developing a fungus.

Impatiens Thrive In A Variety of Sun Exposure

Impatiens can be planted in sunny areas or in shady areas at your Fort Myers home.  The trick is adjusting the watering schedule accordingly.  Impatiens in sunny areas will require more water than impatiens in a shady area.  They prefer cooler weather which is why planting them in the Fall is ideal.  They will last 6-7 months when properly cared for.  That’s a lot of bang for a little buck considering impatiens are very inexpensive.

Impatiens Need Proper Drainage

Contractors don’t plan houses with landscaping in mind.  The end result is that Fort Myers property owners spend a lot of money beautifying their property only to have it damaged because there wasn’t the proper guttering or drainage installed.  Be sure to access the amount and flow of the gutters on the home and ask your landscaper if you need to add drainage to ensure the longevity of flowering plants such as impatiens and all other landscaping.

Impatiens Need Proper Fertilization

Every living organism that is going to survive needs to be fed, impatiens included.  Purchase a high quality 90 day time released fertilizer to keep impatiens easily and properly fed.

More Questions About Caring For Impatiens?

Be sure to contact R & R Sprinkler and Landscape if you have questions about caring for your impatiens or would like a quote to have us add them to your Fort Myers landscaping.

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