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Naples Landscape Islands

Landscape Islands Add Beauty To Naples Properties

One of the best ways to add character to your Naples property is to add a landscape island.  Installing a landscape island can be as simple as removing a patch of grass and adding a ground cover like rock or mulch or as intricate as building a retaining wall and stacking it with multiple plant, tree and palm species.  The final choice is up to the homeowner’s preference and budget.

Denseness of Landscape Islands

You’ll need to decide the size and shape of the new landscape island.  Then you’ll need to decide the type of plants, trees or palms you’d like to add to the Naples landscaping.  When deciding your plants you’ll need to consider how dense you want it to appear.  The more dense means the greater the amount of plants, shrubs, trees or flowers will be added.  The less dense island will only contain a few species, possibly only a single tree.

Determining Denseness of A Landscape Island

A packed in landscape island will have 3/4 of the ground or more covered with plants.  You’ll need shrubs and trees that like to live in close, shaded quarters.  A landscape island that has breathing room has 1/2 – 2/3 of the ground covered with plant material.  This is an ideal balanced set up for a new landscape island on your Naples property.  A wide open landscape island will only have 1/4 – 1/2 of the ground covered with plantings.

Alter Your Irrigation System To Accommodate A New Landscape Island

After you have decided the where, the size, the shape and the types of plants you are going to add to your landscape island in Naples, you’ll need to make plans to alter your irrigation system to water the new additions properly.  This may be as simple as adjusting a sprinkler head.  Other options you may consider are to change out rotor heads that are used to watering large areas of grass to mist heads that gently spray shrubs.  You may consider adding a drip irrigation zone to the new island if you have selected smaller, more delicate plants.  You may even need to renovate your system by adding more rotor heads, more mist heads or a combination of both.

The Best Choice For Adding A Landscape Island That Is Properly Irrigated

The best solution for adding a landscape island is to hire a landscape contractor that is also licensed to work on irrigation systems or to hire a landscaper that has a close working relationship with a company licensed to repair and alter sprinkler systems.  Contractors working on sprinkler systems must have a specialty contractor license.  Letting any other trade work on your sprinkler system puts you at risk to incur fines related to hiring an unlicensed contractor.  Contrary to what your lawn maintenance company may tell you, they are not permitted to adjust or repair your sprinkler unless they contain a specialty contractor license.

R & R Sprinkler and Landscape Provides Landscaping and Irrigation Services

R & R Sprinkler and Landscape is licensed and insured to provide residential and commercial landscaping and irrigation services.  We also provide sod, construction of outdoor spaces, retaining walls, water features and much more.  We’d like to be your one stop shop for beautifying your Naples property.


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