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Things You Should Know About Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are known to be low-maintenance. However, they still require periodic servicing so they continue to work efficiently. Your lawn sprinkler can have breaks or leaks and you cannot detect these problems unless you have them inspected regularly by a landscape contractor. It might be tempting to inspect the sprinkler system yourself but having […]

Recommended Materials For A Landscape Hedge

Landscape hedges act as barriers or borders for a property.  They serve a variety of function ranging from providing privacy, noise reduction, weather barrier, division of parts of the property and much more. Choosing The Correct Materials For A Landscape Hedge Enlist the assistance of an experienced landscape professional when choosing the right materials to […]

Sprinkler System Valves

What Is A Sprinkler System Valve? Valves in a sprinkler system are the gatekeepers between the main water supply and the irrigation system.  They hold pressure back from the rest of the system while the sprinklers are not running and allow water to flow through the pipe and into the irrigation heads when the system […]

The Benefits Of An Automatic Sprinkler System

R & R Sprinkler and Landscape is a professionally licensed and insured contractor installing irrigation systems.  But, what is irrigation?  Wikipedia defines irrigation as: Irrigation is the artificial application of water to the land or soil. It is used to assist in the growing of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes, and revegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during […]

How a Sprinkler System Works

A sprinkler system consists of a network of pipe, wire, valves and sprinkler heads uniquely designed for your property to provide irrigation to grass and landscaping.  Before you can consider an irrigation system you must tap into a main water source. Property Water Sources Water is delivered to properties by a larger capacity water source. […]

Brown Spots In Your Yard

Brown spots in a Southwest Florida lawn are almost inevitable. However, if you can narrow down the cause of the brown spots then you have a better chance to remedy the problem. Causes of Brown Spots There are a million causes for brown spots in your yard. Some of the most common causes are pet […]

Your Lawn Needs Watered When…

The grass is turning a blueish gray color When the blades of the grass are folding in half When you can step on your lawn and your foot print remain once you step away You have brown spots Your grass in dying R & R Sprinkler and Landscape can install a economically water efficient irrigation […]

Know How Much Water You Are Applying To Your Yard And Landscaping

Knowing how much water you are applying to your lawn and landscaping will help you determine if you are over watering or under watering your property. A good way to determine how much moisture you are applying to your grass is a “Catch Can Test”. To administer a “Catch Can Test” you’ll need 6 small […]

The Effects Of Over-Watering Your Grass / Lawn

There are some tell tales signs that you are over watering your grass. You are over watering if you notice yellowing or graying of your grass or if you notice an increase in the amount of weeds. Over watering can drown the roots of the lawn and landscaping or can cause them to become shallow […]

The Best Time To Water Your Yard Is …..

The best times of day to run your irrigation system are either late night or early morning. Your lawn and landscaping will absorb more water if you set your timer so that your sprinkler system runs while the sun is NOT out. A majority of the precipitation will evaporate before it reaches it’s intended source […]