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trenches for sprinkler system to dual water source

How a Sprinkler System Works

A sprinkler system consists of a network of pipe, wire, valves and sprinkler heads uniquely designed for your property to provide irrigation to grass and landscaping.  Before you can consider an irrigation system you must tap into a main water source.

Property Water Sources

Water is delivered to properties by a larger capacity water source.  This could be a well, could be city water or could be reclaimed water.  This is the water source that supplies the house which supplies the irrigation system.  Whenever possible use well water or reclaimed water for irrigation purposes unless it’s for gardening purposes.  Well water and reclaimed water are non-potable water sources.  For a garden you’ll need a potable water source like city water or well water set up on a water purification system.   It’s much less costly to use well water or reclaimed water to irrigate your property than using city water and is a contribution toward water conservation.

Sprinkler System Connection and Shut Off Valves

From the smaller capacity supply line a connection is made specifically for an irrigation line.  There will always be a sprinkler system shut off valve.  If you have purchased a house with an existing irrigation system be sure you have the previous owner identify where the shut off valve is located.  If you are upgrading your property by adding an irrigation system have the installing crew leader show you where your shut off valve is located.  The purpose of a shut off valve is to provide a way for you to shut off your irrigation system without interrupting the water supply to your house.

One of the most numerous and panicked service calls we get from customers is when they have a sprinkler system that is running continually and the homeowner doesn’t know how to shut it off. Identifying the location of your shut off valve and letting your entire household know where it is located will provide you with an immediate solution to a system that won’t stop running without incurring an expensive after hours service call.

Sprinkler Valves

Water is held back from the water source to the sprinkler system by means of irrigation valves.  Each zone of your sprinkler system has its own valve.  This is the tool that enables one part of your property at a time to water, known as zone watering.

Sprinkler valves receive a low voltage current from the automatic timer telling the valve to open and let water flow through the pipes and out of the sprinkler heads.  The water pressure pushes the sprinkler heads up to allow the grass and landscaping to now receive irrigation.

The automatic sprinkler timer tells the valve how long to stay open.  Once it has reached its time limit that valve will close simultaneously while the timer triggers the valve in the next zone to open and allow water pressure through the pipes and sprinkler heads which allows the next section of your property to get watered.

Installing and Maintaining A Sprinkler System

Installing and maintaining a sprinkler system has many more facets than one initially thinks about at first glance.  Its not just pipes and water.  There is electrical, water pressure, piping, layout and conservation issues that many don’t think about.  It’s best to let a professionally licensed and insured irrigation contractor install and maintain your irrigation system.

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