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Areaca hedge

The Purpose Of Landscape Hedges

The purpose of landscape hedges is to create division in outdoor spaces.  The size and shape of the hedge depends on the intended use.  If someone wants to create outdoor walls then they need to aim for tall, well manicured walls of landscape materials.  However, if a person just would like to create a pathway, small well or loosely placed plants will suit the purpose.

What Is A Landscape Hedge?

A landscape hedge is an area of uniformed sized trees, shrubs or ornamental plants that are closely planted together.  They are allowed to grow full and are kept in some sort of manicured method so as to create a compact row of landscape material.

Most Popular Uses For Landscape Hedges

Areaca hedgeMost property owners plant a row of hedges to provide privacy.  They usually are creating a barrier at the backs or sides of the property to provide more seclusion on their property or to hide an undesirable site located adjacent to their property.  For example, a homeowner that had a neighbor that had a back yard full of junk might choose to plant a landscape hedge between the two properties to block the unsightly view.

Some hedges are planted to block wind or noise.  There are often large, voluminous hedges planted along the exterior of many subdivisions that are situation near busy roads and highways to absorb road noise.

Some homeowners simply want to define a space within their landscaping.  Maybe they want to create a pathway for foot traffic.  Or perhaps they wanted to define an outdoor seating area.  Planting a hedge around the outdoor living space clearly defines that area.

Other property owners just want to add an element of uniformity to the landscape design either to further enhance the uniform look of the existing landscaping or to add balance to the whimsical look that already installed.

The Purpose Of A Landscape Hedge

Hedges are meant to be a barrier to someone or something.  They may be used in lieu of or in conjunction with a fence.  Used with a fence creates a physically restricting boarder.  Using without a fence tends to create a softer impact than a fence while discouraging traffic and increasing privacy.

Installing A Landscape Hedge

Installing a landscape hedge is best done by an experienced landscape crew that has the tools and equipment to create a straight, uniform line of landscape planting.  As with any new landscape installation you must prepare the ground properly including incorporating irrigation.  You’ll also need to plan ahead for pest control, fertilization and proper pruning.

Landscape hedges are a beautiful useful tool to create outdoor walls for your property if properly installed and maintained.


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