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Centerpieces Are Not Just For Tables

Garden Centerpiece

Your dining table isn’t the only place where brilliant centerpieces belong. Consider adding bold statement pieces in your yard to make it just as warm and inviting. Draw in the most discerning eye and give your guests something to discuss at your next outdoor gathering other than the neighbors, not in attendance. They will be […]

Shedding Light on Outdoor Landscaping

Lighting can add warmth, depth, visual aesthetics, and even safety to your landscaping. However, may homeowners find it difficult to create the best lighting plan for their outdoor space. If you want to shed more light on your outdoor spaces but aren’t quite sure how to, follow these tips for a glowing and inviting landscape. […]

Landscaping Ideas To Hide an Eyesore on your Property

If you own a home in beautiful Cape Coral, Florida, chances are good that you have very little to complain about. Be that as it may, all that good living you’ve been enjoying may have led you to become a bit lax when it comes to maintaining certain features of your back yard. While you’ve […]

Landscaping Your Pool In Southwest Florida

landscaping your pool

For those with a pool, you’ll know that it can dominate your backyard. However, landscaping your pool thoughtfully can drastically reduce this effect, and make it part of a beautifully balanced space. Whether you have an in-ground pool, above ground pool, pool cage or not, you have many great options for landscaping. The In-Ground Advantage It’s […]