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Garden Centerpiece

Centerpieces Are Not Just For Tables

Your dining table isn’t the only place where brilliant centerpieces belong. Consider adding bold statement pieces in your yard to make it just as warm and inviting. Draw in the most discerning eye and give your guests something to discuss at your next outdoor gathering other than the neighbors, not in attendance. They will be wondering how they can make their garden look as spectacular as yours.

Small colorful trees are inviting

Consider placing a small tree near the entry way to your home. A beautiful splash of color welcomes the guest and provides artistry to a blank pallet. Some flowering trees offer the perfect greeting such as the desert cassia or even consider planting the crape myrtle. A small flowering tree is a perfect way to envelop the front door in warmth. Make sure to consider the potential size of the plant when you pick it out and often there are different sizes within the same type. Also, consider their appearance when not in bloom.

Smaller palms draw attention to color

At the very center and back edge of the garden add one or more small palms that are strictly green. It can provide a fabulous backdrop to a rainbow of smaller shrubs in front and around it. The adonidia is perfect for those who are looking for a palm that does not require a lot of work. Consider a buccaneer palm if you are looking for one that doesn’t grow too fast. There are many beautiful options when it comes to planting shrubs around the palm.

Gardens are not always where expected

Because gardens can be almost anywhere, think outside of the box. If you have a turnabout driveway, consider creating a garden in the middle. Planting a large varietal of Philodendron, with its giant green leaves, in the center section of a driveway can be a unique way to say welcome to Florida for out of town guest. You often see these at hotels, and they can be simple yet elegant. It is about attracting the eye to a particular area of the home or garden when it comes to using these large-leafed plants.

Think creatively

When considering your ideal garden centerpiece, be creative with it. You can do this by placing a statue in the middle that can hold planted flowers. Consider installing a water fountain and adding plants to it with one colorful plant on top cascading down towards green ones planted in the pool area at the bottom. A fountain is a great way to add not only a visually attractive piece to your landscape but also ambiance through sound.

Garden centerpiece pond

Soon you will have a garden that is a joy to look at, as you plan out the perfect centerpiece for your yard. Remember there is no wrong, as it is just that – your yard. Use the colors that interest you the most and choose plants that work for your exact area.

An experienced local landscaping company can help a great deal when it comes to selecting plants that are native to your area or work particularly well in the soil-type of your yard. Hiring knowledgeable help also has the added benefit of them having the equipment and permits when it comes to planting large centerpiece plants and installing fountains.

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