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Outdoor Lighting

Shedding Light on Outdoor Landscaping

Lighting can add warmth, depth, visual aesthetics, and even safety to your landscaping. However, may homeowners find it difficult to create the best lighting plan for their outdoor space. If you want to shed more light on your outdoor spaces but aren’t quite sure how to, follow these tips for a glowing and inviting landscape.

Lighted Walkways

A lit walkway can be one of the simplest lighting designs, yet it adds function and aesthetics to your yard. A walkway is a good place to start if you need to build your confidence with outdoor lighting. For a lighting along your walkway, you will want to select light fixtures that direct the majority of the light downward. To create the most ambience, choose fixtures that are soft and non-glaring. When arranging your walkway lights, try not to put lights in a straight line. Instead, avoid a runway effect by staggering your walkway light fixtures for the best results.

Solar Lighting

The easiest way to provide lighting to your landscaping is with solar-powered light fixtures. Just place them in an area where they will get some sunlight, and they will light on their own when the sun starts to set. With solar lighting, you will not have to worry about wires or turning them on and off yourself. You can also have peace of mind that you are helping the environment.

Dramatic Lighting

If you are feeling a little more daring, you can choose to add drama to your landscaping by highlighting a particular area or focal point. Use spotlights to uplight foliage, a tree, or another focal point in your yard. Spotlights will provide ambience and draw the eyes to the texture of your focal point. This unique way of landscaping lighting is becoming more popular.

Outline the Beds

Another easy and inexpensive way to light your yard is to select a flower bed or two and place a string of lights along their edges. Rope lighting is the most efficient way to complete this task. You simply roll out the tube lighting and use landscaping staples to pin it in place. Lighting that outlines your flower beds will add warmth to your yard.

Bringing the Front into Focus

Entry lighting is vital for beauty and safety. Providing enough illumination to guide the way for your guests will welcome them and help to eliminate potentially hazardous stairs and other conditions. Select a lighting fixture style that will accentuate and match your home’s architectural style.

Classy Exterior Spaces

Try a twist in your outdoor lighting plans with a light fixture that looks like an indoor fixture but is rated for outdoor use. For example, a wrought-iron chandelier can provide style and function to an outdoor room. You can add your distinct style to your landscaping by using these types of light fixtures.

Lighting your landscape does not have to be complicated or expensive. Starting small and taking on bigger lighting projects as your confidence, skill, and budget grows is the best way to go. If you need more advice or professional help, feel free to contact R & R Sprinkler and Lansdcape with your questions!


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