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Hide an Eyesore

Landscaping Ideas To Hide an Eyesore on your Property

If you own a home in beautiful Cape Coral, Florida, chances are good that you have very little to complain about. Be that as it may, all that good living you’ve been enjoying may have led you to become a bit lax when it comes to maintaining certain features of your back yard. While you’ve probably kept up with your lawn on a timely basis, you may have been less prompt with your attention when it comes to maintaining that old shed that came with the property. As such, it may be time for a little timely renovation work.

If You Can’t Delete An Eyesore, It’s An Excellent Idea To Disguise It

Of course, you may well be using that old shed, even if it is rather run down and a bit of a shambles. You don’t necessarily have to go through the trouble of tearing it down. In fact, if you aren’t in a position to simply delete an old eyesore, it’s an excellent idea to disguise it instead. With a bit of creative ingenuity, you can apply some key landscaping ideas to that frowsy old shed and turn it into something attention grabbing and rather attractive.

You Can Turn Your Old Shed Or Garage Into A Showcase For Potted Plants

Add a few brackets and hangers to the front of these structures and turn them into a living showcase for your tasteful collection of potted plants. Since the weather in Cape Coral is uniformly warm and sunny, it’s a good idea to lean toward perennials, but you can add any kind of plant that strikes your fancy.

How To Make An Eyesore Come Alive As A Natural Plant Showcase

With just a little bit of inspiration and elbow grease, you can make an old eyesore come alive as a natural plant showcase that will have your neighbors shaking their heads in jealous amazement. Once you have your wooden planks and brackets assembled on the exterior of the structure in question, add some shelving to provide a secure foundation for the plants you have purchased. Then set them all around that ugly old shed or garage and turn it into a natural greenhouse with a bit of antique Southern charm. You’ll be amazed at how much of a quick and cost effective fix such a move can be.

When In Doubt, Call In A Professional Landscaping Service

There are a thousand and one other quick fixes that can quickly convert old eyesores into luscious conversation pieces on your Cape Coral property. If you’ve run out of ideas, or find that your trusty green thumb isn’t quite as dependable as it used to be, call in a professional landscaping service to beautify your backyard and upgrade your property values.;

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