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Landscaping Your Pool In Southwest Florida

For those with a pool, you’ll know that it can dominate your backyard. However, landscaping your pool thoughtfully can drastically reduce this effect, and make it part of a beautifully balanced space. Whether you have an in-ground pool, above ground pool, pool cage or not, you have many great options for landscaping.

The In-Ground Advantage

It’s a whole lot easier to landscape around an in-ground or pool because any plants and other ornamentation is what stands out, not the pool itself. Fortunately, the vast majority of pools in Cape Coral and the surrounding area are in-ground with a pool enclosure.

The Simple, Yet Bold Approach

Is your idea of an ideal backyard something simple and easy to maintain? Perhaps you use your house only in winter, or as a vacation rental. Even as a full-time resident, not everyone has the time to dedicate to maintaining a very lush yard, or the budget for hiring someone else to do a very complex job. But not to worry, Florida’s subtropical climate allows plants with big, bold leaves and bright colors to flourish. A raised bed of Croton, Philodendron and such-like behind your pool can have a beautiful impact. Another favorite for low maintenance landscaping that looks great, is rock and mulch. Beautifully colored rocks are especially great for pool areas since they stay put better and won’t land up inside the pool as easily as mulch.

Your Backyard Is A Canvas Waiting To Be Explored

On the other hand, if an abundance and variety of plants, and a very tropical feel is what makes you happy, the sky is the limit. The area around your pool is especially apt for this, since this is likely the area you will see the most. Add a flower bed towards the back or side of the pool, inside the pool cage (if you have one), where you can have a variety of flowering and green plants. Adding a fountain or waterfall here will create ambiance and dimension. Planting a hedge of Cocoplum or smaller leafy palms right outside the pool enclosure adds privacy and will also enhance the lush effect. Another option is moving the hedge pack to the perimeter of the property, so you can include the area in between you pool and edge of the property into the more visible canvas. If your property is on the water, keep taller plants and hedges to the sides in order to have privacy from neighbors, but not to obscure the view.

Pavers For Appearance, Functionality and Value

Another consideration is the surface surrounding your pool, as well as in the lanai area. Here it’s a good idea to install pavers. Pavers, as opposed to plain poured concrete, looks great and can even add value to your home. But it needn’t stop there! Extend this into a patio area adjacent to the pool area and into pathways that connect to the front of the home. Adding terraced retaining walls around your pool cage, will allow you to have a defined gardening space and level out the area below for better use. This is particularly valuable if you have a dock and like to use the area around it. Newer homes, especially, tend to be raised a lot, which results in a steep grassy slope the is hard to mow and not very practical.

Lighting Your Pool

No doubt you want to make your pool enjoyable at night. In addition to lights inside your pool, consider the lighting around it. This isn’t only a safety precaution, but it also helps provide a relaxing ambiance when reflecting off the water.

Lighting the Landscaping Surrounding Your Pool

Since most pools in this area are covered, you’re fortunate in that you don’t have to worry about things like bugs. Take advantage of this fact by lighting up the surrounding landscaping, without worrying that this will attract unwanted critters. Those gorgeous palms you planted, will disappear in into the dark night sky. Adding spotlights that light them up from below will allow you to enjoy your landscaping to it’s full potential at night.

A Pool Shed Doubles Up As Garden Shed

Have a little shed where you can place all the tools needed to care for your pool, and replace them as soon as you’re done using them. People often store gardening tools in the garage. However, the garage is all the way in the front of the home… keeping gardening tools in a shed near the pool put’s tools where you use them most.

For Now And Forever More

You’ll want to enjoy your pool long into the future, and the aesthetic and practical value of professional landscaping services can play a big role here. All it takes is a little imagination and you can turn your pool into your landscape’s shining jewel.

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