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Recommended Materials For A Landscape Hedge

Landscape hedges act as barriers or borders for a property.  They serve a variety of function ranging from providing privacy, noise reduction, weather barrier, division of parts of the property and much more. Choosing The Correct Materials For A Landscape Hedge Enlist the assistance of an experienced landscape professional when choosing the right materials to […]

Maintaining Landscape Hedges

Landscape hedges are installed to create a border or barrier to part of a property.  They can provide privacy, protection and beauty if properly installed and maintained. Planting Hedges Correctly From The Beginning The first step toward having a functional and good looking landscape hedge is proper installation.  Landscape installation is not a forte of […]

Preparing For A Vegetable Garden In Southwest Florida In Late Summer

Late summer is a great time to think about starting a vegetable garden in Southwest Florida.  There are certain preparations you need to make before you start the planting process. Site Selection For Planting A SW Florida Vegetable Garden If you planted a garden last year, consider moving this year’s garden to a different plot […]

Brown Spots In Your Yard

Brown spots in a Southwest Florida lawn are almost inevitable. However, if you can narrow down the cause of the brown spots then you have a better chance to remedy the problem. Causes of Brown Spots There are a million causes for brown spots in your yard. Some of the most common causes are pet […]

Texas Phoenix Palm Decline (TPPD)

Texas Phoenix palm decline (TPPD) is a new disease in Florida. This disease is caused by an unculturable bacterium that has no cell wall — a phytoplasma. The TPPD phytoplasma is similar to, but genetically distinct from the phytoplasma that causes lethal yellowing (LY) disease of palms. Texas Phoenix palm decline is a fatal, systemic […]

Can I Lay Sod Over Sod?

We are often asked if you can lay new sod over existing sod. This is not advisable. The correct way to do it is to have your existing yard chemically killed. Once the grass is dead it should be scraped out, removed and disposed of properly. A good installer will inspect the existing grade and […]

Know How Much Water You Are Applying To Your Yard And Landscaping

Knowing how much water you are applying to your lawn and landscaping will help you determine if you are over watering or under watering your property. A good way to determine how much moisture you are applying to your grass is a “Catch Can Test”. To administer a “Catch Can Test” you’ll need 6 small […]