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Maintaining Landscape Hedges

hibiscus-hedgeLandscape hedges are installed to create a border or barrier to part of a property.  They can provide privacy, protection and beauty if properly installed and maintained.

Planting Hedges Correctly From The Beginning

The first step toward having a functional and good looking landscape hedge is proper installation.  Landscape installation is not a forte of many,especially when it’s material that needs to be installed in a straight line.  Hire an experienced, licensed and insured landscape contractor to alleviate any stress you may have here.  Landscape contractors know how to properly prepare the soil, how deep the landscape materials need planted and how to uniformly and properly space the trees, shrubs or ornamental plants to create the best look.

Incorporating Irrigation Into Your Hedge Landscaping

A landscape installation looks great upon initial installation but will only remain that way with proper maintenance.  We highly recommend installing irrigation at the same time you are having the landscaping installed.  Choosing a licensed and insured irrigation contractor to perform this work is the best solution for a hassle free installation.  This prevents the soil and plants from only having to be disrupted and displaced once during the installation process.  The best method to water landscape hedges is by way of drip irrigation.  Drip irrigation is a specialized hose material with uniformly punched precipitation points placed on the ground under the landscape hedge.  It provides a slow, steady, and direct application of water directly to the root system.  R & R Sprinkler and Landscape is one of the most experienced and proficient installers of drip irrigation in the Southwest Florida area.  Installing irrigation is only part of the challenge.  It must be properly maintained to keep landscape hedges watered correctly for years to come.

Shaping and Pruning Landscape Hedges

The purpose of a landscape hedge is to provide an outdoor wall of landscape material.  In order to maintain the look of the wall it must be constantly shaped, trimmed and pruned.  The downside of hedges is the time required to keep them looking good.  You can prune them by hand or by use of motorized pruners.  Hedges must be trimmed so that the top is slightly more narrow than the bottom to allow the filtration of light along the entire perimeter and inside of the hedge material.  Failure to do so will cause brown, dying leaves, bare branches, die back, and deterioration from the inside out.

Landscape Hedges Need Pest Control and Fertilization

Pest control depends on where you live and what kinds of pest are currently invading your neighborhood.  This is best determined by a professional pest control company.

Fertilization, on the other hand, can be applied by the homeowner if done properly.  Hedges in SW Florida usually need fertilized 3 times a year, @ February, June and October with an over the counter 6-6-6 or 8-8-8 fertilizer from your local garden center.  General rule of thumb is to apply 2-4 lbs per 100 square feet.  Variation will and do occur.  If you are unsure of how or when to apply fertilizer contact a professional.  Over fertilization can have just as dramatic an impact on the hedge material as under fertilization.

In Summary

Landscape hedges are not a hassle free property addition.  They require more maintenance than the average landscape element.  Proper installation, proper irrigation, proper pest control, proper fertilization and proper pruning are all important parts of keeping your landscape hedge looking its best.

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