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Why You Should Invest in Smart Irrigation

Why You Should Invest in Smart Irrigation

Landscape irrigation is an integral part of having a healthy front lawn. Whether during the dry spring, or hot and wet summer months, many people set their sprinkler systems to run either too much or too little. Who has the time to reset the sprinkler every few days or weeks, depending on how the weather is changing?

Traditional irrigation is wasteful, expensive, and often bad for the environment. When you use your sprinklers every day, you’re not only running up your water bill and spending money that you didn’t have to spend, but you may also be going against state ad local laws. If your area is prone to water shortages, your traditional sprinkler system might contribute to the local crisis.

What Makes Smart Irrigation Different?

Smart irrigation is a revolutionary system that waters your lawn only when it needs it. By measuring the weather or moisture in the soil, your smart irrigation system can water your lawn when it gets dry. Here’s why you should incorporate smart irrigation into your home.

1. Smart Irrigation is Cheaper

Smart irrigation might cost more up-front, but you could save hundreds of dollars in the years to come. When you install a smart irrigation system, your sprinklers only activate when your lawn needs water. Instead of wasting water every day, you’ll use just enough water to keep your lawn healthy.

As a result, you’ll have lower water bills every month. Some areas offer rebates for people who install smart irrigation systems in their homes. With this extra money, you can pay off other bills and focus on new ways to make your house more environmentally friendly.

2. Smart Irrigation is More Convenient

Even if you don’t water your lawn every day, it’s hard to tell when your lawn needs to be irrigated. You could end up under-watering your lawn or giving it too much water. How do you know when your lawn needs to be watered without waiting for it to dry and turn brown?

Smart irrigation monitors the weather or soil conditions, then activates the sprinklers whenever your lawn needs water. This process is 100% automatic. You don’t have to measure the soil moisture or keep track of rainfall in your area–your irrigation system does all the work.

3. Smart Irrigation is Better for the Environment

Water might seem like an infinite resource, but the amount of fresh water in the world is gradually decreasing. Many areas in the United States have water shortages throughout the year. If you use your sprinklers every day, you might contribute to a possible water shortage in your region.

When you reduce your water intake, you’re conserving one of the most important resources. You’re also leaving more water for your neighbors and even future generations. With a smart irrigation system, you don’t have to guess how much water you should conserve. Instead, the system does it all for you.

4. Smart Irrigation is Better for Your Lawn

Without a smart irrigation system, it’s easy to over-water your lawn. Too much water could weaken your plants and promote the growth of fungus and bacteria. You could also under-water your lawn, causing the soil to dry up and deprive your plants of the nutrients that they need.

Smart irrigation systems can water your lawn perfectly with no extra effort on your part. Since they monitor the weather conditions or moisture in the soil, they can activate the sprinklers when your lawn needs water, then immediately shut them off when your lawn is satiated. It’s quick, efficient, and better than trying to guess what your lawn needs.

Contrary to popular belief, smart irrigation systems aren’t expensive, elaborate pieces of technology that few people understand. Virtually anyone can learn how to use a smart irrigation system and incorporate it into their homes. Once you’ve invested in this technology, you’ll find it easier than ever to manage your lawn.

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