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Questions to Ask Your Irrigation Contractor

Questions to Ask Your Irrigation Contractor

The spring season is coming, the perfect time to grow green lawns. Property owners are shopping around looking left and right for a trusted and reliable irrigation contractor. How can you make sure that one is the suitable contractor for your needs?

What to ask an irrigation contractor?

Landscape maintenance is a challenging job, so there are irrigation companies that are always ready to be of help. It is hard to say and determine if an irrigation contractor is the one you are looking for at first glance. There are a lot of factors to consider and details that need to be talked about. To find out, one has to take a look again and ask the questions. Not just any question but important ones that can help you make a sound decision. 

Are you licensed and insured?

Permits for landscaping projects are required in several cities and municipalities. When hiring an irrigation contractor, make sure that they know about these licenses that need to be taken care of before starting the project. Otherwise, you have to face fines and court fees. Moreover, sufficient insurance to cover their workers and the clients from possible injuries is necessary. Another thing, you should check your prospect contractor’s certifications to make sure that they are up to date with industry standards.

Do you provide a detailed scale drawing?

Precise illustrations are the standard throughout the industry. Always ask your contractor for a detailed plan to fend off future damages to lines, pipes, and fittings amidst the additional construction around the landscape. Don’t forget to get a copy for yourself after the installation is done. 

What sensors will be installed with the controllers?

Sprinkler system sensors have made a lot of progress in the past years. There are smart controls that can discern temperature and humidity. You can also control these features with a smartphone or connect it to the internet. This is a massive leap from the typical rain sensors and is no doubt much better. Ask your contractors what sensors they have available and what they can recommend for your lawn.

What are the warranty details?

In terms of labor and parts, what is covered by the warranty? Knowing the brands of materials used and checking the direct individual warranty from the manufacturer is crucial. Does it cover damage caused by lawn mowers? Will your contractor add a charge for the labor or replace the defaced materials for free?

Final Thoughts

We hope that you can now confidently seek out an irrigation contractor and make the right decision after going through the list of questions. Just a word of warning, be wary of companies that have too good to be true offers. Most of the time, they are only words and promises and no results. What you need to look out for is a contractor that has the right tools and experienced workers. 

Here at R&R Sprinkler and Landscape, we have specialists that can provide an accurate assessment. We always work hard to address your irrigation needs. 

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