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Planting Fruit Trees in Florida: Read This First

When you live in the Sunshine State, you have a lot of benefits. Florida residents enjoy blue skies, abundant sunshine and plenty of fresh, delicious produce. Planting fruit trees in your yard is a great way to save money while eating more fresh produce. Instead of running to the grocery store when you run out […]

Pool Cage Landscaping Inside and Out

Pool Cage Landscaping Inside and Out

In Florida, pool cages are a necessity if you want to enjoy your pool without being bothered by the many bugs that inhabit the state. Too often, pool owners believe that they must sacrifice the lush, tropical look around their pool because they need a pool enclosure. However, there are many options for planting both […]

Landscape Design – Tropical and Coastal

Tropical and coastal landscape design is our favorite and most administered of all of the landscape designs used in Southwest Florida. Landscaping Materials Used in Tropical and Coastal Landscape Design Palm trees, palm trees and more palm trees!  There is not a tropical or coastal landscape design that doesn’t use various combinations of palm trees. […]

Landscape Designs To Suite Your Personality

The array of landscape design is as wide and varied for the outside of your home as it is for the inside of your home.  Most people can find their design style by shopping in a large garden center, paying attention to the items that appeal to them as they walk through. Choose a Style […]