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Pool Cage Landscaping Inside and Out

Pool Cage Landscaping Inside and Out

In Florida, pool cages are a necessity if you want to enjoy your pool without being bothered by the many bugs that inhabit the state. Too often, pool owners believe that they must sacrifice the lush, tropical look around their pool because they need a pool enclosure. However, there are many options for planting both inside and outside a pool cage that can give your pool that beautiful, tropical feel.

Tropical Shrubs & Flowers

There are many tropical shrubs that can create a beautiful garden in and around your pool cage. The bird of paradise tree, which is actually a shrub, has a trunk that resembles a palm tree and leaves that resemble banana trees. The shrubs grow quickly and produce huge flowers similar to a bird of paradise. Because they grow tall, however, they may be better suited for outside the pool enclosure where they will provide additional shade. Fill out the lower levels with shorter shrubs, like Japanese aralia, which grow to about eight feet high. Others that work well both inside and outside a pool enclosure are croton and the Japanese anise tree. Hibiscus and spider lilies are other types of plants that add a tropical feel to any pool. There are also many ferns that will work well inside pool cages along with common potted plants including philodendron.


Evergreens are another excellent choice around pool enclosures. The Mexican orange blossom known as “Sundance” because of the appearance of the sun dancing across its leaves, grows to be approximately three to six feet and blossoms twice per year. Inside the pool cage, plant coralberry whose dark leaves are speckled with red berries in the winter months. Rhododendrons are another good choice for inside the pool enclosure, although you will want to keep them from the pool edge to avoid petals in the pool.

Deciduous Plants

Azaleas and lilacs are also excellent choices for both inside and outside a pool enclosure. They provide a natural privacy barrier around the pool and are perfect for filling in around taller plants. However, the flowers do attract bees so if anyone who will use the pool is allergic to bee stings, you may want to place them outside the enclosure. In addition, falling leaves can be a problem so if you do choose to plant them inside the enclosure, you want to keep them away from the pool edge.

Privacy Hedges

A few more options of native plants that work well for privacy when planted around the edge of your pool cage are Cocoplums, Silver or Green Buttonwoods. Both are a mid-height, easily maintained options. Some homeowners may want complete privacy. One option for this is Areca Palms. They grow quite tall, which makes them a good option for a street-facing side of a pool or one that needs more privacy from neighbors, keeping in mind they will completely obscure the view.

In addition, if you plant near the pool, you want to be sure that the chemicals used to keep the pool clean will not injure the plant. Be sure that the plant’s root system will not cause damage to the pool deck or the enclosure. Remember, when choosing plants for inside the enclosure, you should choose those that are shade tolerant as they may not get direct sunlight under the enclosure. However, there are still many plants available that can add a beautiful, tropical look to your pool even when you must install a pool cage.

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