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How And Where Should Society Garlic Be Used?

Society garlic is a blooming perennial plant with greenish-gray leaves and lilac flowers.  They are a delicate eye-appealing addition to any landscaping growing only @ 2′. We don’t recommend planting them close to your front door because they are said to have an offensive odor to them.  They are great plants for borders or landscape […]

Society Garlic May Help Keep Dogs Away From Landscaping

Do you have neighborhood dogs causing damage to your lawn or landscaping?  Consider adding society garlic to the adjacent landscape bed.  If you don’t have a landscape bed in the area you may want to consider adding a small narrow one containing a border of society garlic. Other Uses of Society Garlic Society garlic is […]

Society Garlic Should Be Planted Away From A Property Entrance

Society garlic is a pretty and useful flowering perennial plant.  It has a long lean grayish green leaf with a delicate lilac flower.  It has the right combination of size with a nice splash of lavender color.  It has the ability to fill a space but in a whimsical way. Landscapers like to plant society […]