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Why You Shouldn’t Try To Repair Your Sprinklers On Your Own

why you shouldn't try to repair your sprinklers on your own

Imagine diving headfirst into a sea of complex pipes, sprinkler heads, and valves, armed with nothing more than a basic toolbox and sheer determination. You’re convinced you’re up to the task of fixing your own sprinkler system, but have you really considered what it entails? The realm of sprinkler repair is fraught with unexpected challenges […]

Four Ways Mulch Helps Your Landscaping


Whether you’re working on your landscaping yourself or handing the whole project over to professional landscaping services, you have probably spent some time thinking about what you want your outdoor space to look like and include. Maybe you’ve made a list of your favorite flowers or decided whether to stick with a green theme or […]

Top 5 Secrets for Keeping Your Florida Palm Trees Healthy

Florida Palm Tree

One of the more iconic plants we enjoy in Florida is the stately florida palm tree. As most residents quickly come to appreciate, there are many varieties of palms in addition to our State Tree, the cabbage palm. Those other familiar palms you will see around the state include: Queen Washington Date All of these […]

Pink and Purple Heat-Tolerant Flowers for a Blazing Summer

Pink and Purple Heat-Tolerant Flowers for a Blazing Summer

This summer is bound to be a scorcher. Flowers will need extra attention and water but there is still a large chance plants will wilt and die in the sun, making the loveliest garden an ugly wasteland. However, particular flowers can withstand excessive heat and still have colorful blooms. Most come only in red, orange, […]

Let a Creative Fairy Garden Transform A Boring Yard

In a boring old pot, two worlds come together in the creative genius better known as a fairy garden. Miniatures adorned and surrounded by the many varieties of plant life throughout. An adventure as simple or as detailed as one’s mind is willing to imagine. If dollhouses were your childhood hobby, then a fairy garden […]