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Four Ways Mulch Helps Your Landscaping

Whether you’re working on your landscaping yourself or handing the whole project over to professional landscaping services, you have probably spent some time thinking about what you want your outdoor space to look like and include. Maybe you’ve made a list of your favorite flowers or decided whether to stick with a green theme or include bold pops of color. At R&R Sprinkler and Landscape, we talk with a lot of wonderful customers each day. Most of them are excited to discuss their landscaping, but few of them have given any thought to mulch. It might not seem like the most exciting landscaping topic on the surface, but here are four reasons why mulch should be an important part of your landscape plan.

1. Fewer Weeds

Having to deal with less weeds is probably the main reason why homeowners and landscaping companies use mulch. Even if you love gardening, picking weeds is probably not your favorite activity! Make your life a little easier by laying mulch around all of your plants.

2. Water Conservation

Water costs are rising in Cape Coral. When you use less water to water your lawn and plants, you can reduce your bills while benefiting the environment. Mulch absorbs water, which ultimately results in water conservation since the mulch helps the soil around your plants retain valuable moisture.

3. Less Risk of Sun Damage

If you live in Florida, you know how harsh the sun can be in Cape Coral during certain times of the year. We love the sun in the Sunshine State, but your plants can be harmed by excessive sunlight. Fortunately, mulch provides a protective barrier for your plants by allowing their root systems to remain cooler. This is especially important during the summer months for plants that are located in full sunshine.

4. Some Options Provide Nutrition

Today’s gardeners have a wide variety of options when it comes to mulch. In addition to providing the previous benefits, some varieties of mulch are also designed to provide much-needed nutrition for your plants.


 So Many Varieties To Choose From

Mulch comes in many varieties. Choose from red, light brown, dark brown, and everything in between. You can imagine what an impact your choice of color will have on the overall look of your home. Think about the color of your house, the roof, and how that will balance out with the green of plants and the color of mulch you choose.

At R&R Sprinkler and Landscape, we are passionate about helping our customers beautify their yards. If you are searching for landscape solutions that are beautiful, environmentally-friendly, and easy to maintain, please contact our office. Whether you have questions about the right type of mulch for your yard or you would like to schedule a free consultation, our friendly staff members are ready to help you.

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