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Plant Fall Colors in Your Yard

While our area does not get the beautiful trees transformed by their fall colors that many parts of the United States get, planting the right flowers can add a similar array of amazing fall colors to your landscaping. Before you choose, make sure to consider their care requirements, or let a landscaping service take care of it for you.


The many varieties of coleus to choose from make these plants a natural choice to add fall colors. While they traditionally love the morning sun and then to duck under shade, new varieties do well in full sun. They love well-drained soils. To keep them blooming all autumn long, feed them once a month with a water-soluble fertilizer. Redhead and Lime Delight both do well in full sun and make bold color statements in the fall. Alternatively, consider using multicolored varieties that compliment neighboring plants.


Caladiums are beautiful for adding their red hues to your summer garden. If you want a really flashy red, then make sure to consider the Red Flash which is the tallest caladium. If you want vibrant red hues, then consider Brandywine. If you love a more traditional look, then consider Postman Joyner. Whichever caladium you choose, they prefer partial shade. They will grow well in all soil types. Consider fertilizing with a little bone meal, but to get the best color avoid nitrogen-rich fertilizers.


A small shrub that is an excellent choice in Florida is the Firespike. This clumping herbaceous perennial puts on 3-inch red tubular flowers in the fall. Its shiny green foliage is also extremely showy. This plant does well in some shade but prefers full sun. Once well-established, the plant is moderately drought tolerant.


The many different types and colors of cool wave pansies make them a perfect choice for fall gardens. They also do extremely well in container gardening. These flowers like a loose well-drained soil. If you keep them fertilized at least once a week with a good plant food, they may produce colorful flowers all winter long. A unique way to use cold weather pansies is to plant them inside of a pumpkin. By adding some Halloween plant sticks you have a beautiful decoration, and then remove the plant stick to enjoy your pumpkin until Thanksgiving time.

Many flowers will add fall color to your surroundings. The best way to find out what works best in your individual circumstance is to contact R & R Landscaping. They can help design the perfect space that you will enjoy for years to come.

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