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Pink and Purple Heat-Tolerant Flowers for a Blazing Summer

Pink and Purple Heat-Tolerant Flowers for a Blazing Summer

This summer is bound to be a scorcher. Flowers will need extra attention and water but there is still a large chance plants will wilt and die in the sun, making the loveliest garden an ugly wasteland. However, particular flowers can withstand excessive heat and still have colorful blooms. Most come only in red, orange, or yellow, but lighter shades of pinks and purples are also available.

Amaranth comes in warm colors as well as purple. It grows as tall as six feet, so it is suitable for high color but it also droops downward like grapes. Amaranth needs to be planted in its spot from the seed as transplanting tends to fail.

Flowering tobacco, spider flowers, and Mexican aster are easy to cultivate straight from the seed, come in white and pinks and some purple, and grow anywhere from two to five feet. Rose moss and verbena moss come in similar colors and size of flowers and can thrive as a seeded plant, but the stems grow less than a foot long. Put them at ground level or in a planter for small bursts of color.

Different species of lantana grow to various heights, so they are a good choice for filling in gaps in color. They also come in an assortment of pigments like white, cream, pink, lilac, and purple. Some even have two colors! If you have animals or small children who run around the garden, seek out types that do not sprout berries as they are toxic.

Finally, petunias and zinnias are well-known flowers that come in a variety of colors. Remove the wilted flowers to encourage these species to bloom again and again.

Do some research on which plants would look and do best in your garden. Prepare them for planting in warm conditions and be sure they have the best chance to thrive in the extreme weather by following care instructions. Keep these flowers warm and dry as they tend to hate cold, moisture, and humidity.

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