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What You Should Know About the Principles of Landscape Design

What You Should Know About the Principles of Landscape Design

If you want to create attractive aspects of your property’s exterior, do so according to the principles of landscape design. Understanding these principles will help you tap into your imagination to design the perfect backyard landscape that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Keep reading to learn the top landscape design principles to bring visual appeal to your property.


Unity is a landscape principle that proves all aspects of the landscape work together to create a well-executed, cohesive design. Developing a unified space requires all the property’s colors, lighting, textures, shapes, patterns, and sizes to contribute equally to the overall aesthetic.

Contrast and Harmony

Use contrast to create a focal point in your landscape design. The harmonious aspect of the principles of landscape design gives the entire yard a unified appearance.

Drawing attention from viewers is the goal of contrast and harmony. For example, you can pique interest by putting complementary colors side by side.


The sizes of all the landscape’s features are where the principle of proportion comes into play. Since people perceive space differently based on height, it makes sense to work with various vertical and horizontal spaces.

Consider incorporating different sizes for plants, garden areas, and special features like lighting fixtures.


A well-thought-out garden design will have a primary focal point to catch people’s attention. The focal point is the most powerful aspect of a landscape from any view. If your landscape design has multiple sections, each should include a focal point like bright colors, interesting plants, or yard sculptures.


A lovely landscape design doesn’t have to be packed with features to be breathtaking. Clutter is not synonymous with complexity, which you’ll find in designs with a landscape lighting system or water feature. However, it’s best to keep things simple by avoiding too many textures, colors, and shapes.


The most comfortable landscapes are those that have balance, whether it’s symmetrical or asymmetrical. Symmetrical or proportional balance refers to creating mirror images opposite each other. For instance, consider flower beds on both sides of the house with the same plants or pruned shrubs with the same shape.

However, asymmetrical balance is more informal and gives the landscape design a relaxed appearance.


Understanding the basics of color theory will help you fill your landscape with colors that work well with each other. One mistake people often make is using various colors to brighten their property’s exterior, knowing how different colors play off each other to create a specific atmosphere.

For instance, warm red and orange tones make objects seem closer. However, cooler blues and greens give a different perspective, making things seem further away.

Achieve Your Ideal Landscape with the Help of Professionals

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