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When and How To Fertilize Your Lawn?

When and How To Fertilize Your Lawn?

To cultivate a healthy, attractive Florida lawn, you’ll need to learn about the best lawn care practices, such as the most efficient way to apply fertilizer to grass plants. Out of the many lawn fertilizer brands and application styles, what is the best fertilizer for Florida lawns?

Continue reading to learn about applying fertilizer and which methods would benefit your lawn the most.

Why Fertilize Your Lawn

As living organisms, grass plants require moisture, sunlight, and essential nutrients from the soil to grow healthy roots and long, vibrantly green grass blades. If your lawn’s soil lacks nutrients, an even distribution of fertilizer will ensure your grass grows and thrives at a healthy rate.

Which Fertilizer To Use

What is the best fertilizer for Florida lawns? A typical bag of lawn fertilizer will have nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, which will read on the bag as three numbers. Contact your county Extension office to find out exactly when and how much fertilizer to apply in your Florida county. Regulations can change, so it’s a good practice to check every time.

Slow-release fertilizers that contain high amounts of nitrogen work well if a soil test determines your yard desperately needs the nutrient. The slow-releasing nitrogen fertilizer helps the grass grow green blades without requiring frequent fertilizer applications.

For best results, find a balanced or nitrogen-rich fertilizer consisting of granules. Granules are easy to apply with a spreader to get an even, consistent application over the entire lawn.

When To Fertilize a New Lawn

You should know when to fertilize a new lawn in Florida before applying the material. Ideally, lawn fertilization should be done when the grass is actively growing, but not during the rainy season. In many cases, that time falls somewhere in spring or fall.

Many cities and counties in Southwest Florida prohibit the use of lawn fertilizer during summer months and near waterways. Always check city guidelines and help with the fight against toxic algae blooms.

How Often To Fertilize a Lawn in Florida

You’ll likely need to feed your lawn once every 4-6 weeks after the initial fertilizer application in February (as recommended for southern Florida). After the second application, switch to every six to eight weeks, depending on whether you use a slow-release fertilizer. Do not fertilize laws in summer where city ordinances prohibit it (typically from June through September). Grass continues to grow during the fall, so consider fertilizing again from October until growth stops to encourage strong root systems.

How To Fertilize Your Grass

Your fertilizer application method will depend on the type of spreader you prefer. When using a broadcast spreader, walk your lawn’s whole perimeter and lay fertilizer using a side shield to keep the granules off flower beds, sidewalks, etc. Then, remove the guard and walk back and forth across your yard for even coverage.

Create two header strips at each end of your yard for a drop spreader. Next, run the spreader back and forth in lines perpendicular to the initial strips.

Make the Most of Your Yard With Professional Lawn Care Services

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