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Get The Perfect Effect With These Outdoor Lighting Tips

Get The Perfect Effect With These Outdoor Lighting Tips

All the rooms in your house are no doubt well-lit. How about the outside? Do you only have security lights for the driveway? Why not strive to have better lighting in your yard, for pathways, and even the beautiful trees outside the house?

Outdoor lighting is important because it enhances security and curb appeal. Why let the beautiful landscape features be covered in darkness all night long when you can have it beautifully lit? Here are some tips on how to do it.

Less is More with Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting experts will tell you that less is more when it comes to outdoor lighting. Overdoing it will increase your power bill and take away the charm of the night hours.

Focus on the House

The main focus of outdoor lighting should be your house. Highlighting the building’s architectural features and the walls should be your first priority. Avoid exposed lights
that draw attention to themselves rather than the house.

Lights may be placed at the eaves to create a moonlight effect. Alternatively, bright ground lights set a foot or two from the foundation will illuminate the walls perfectly.

Watch this video for some inspiration.

Do not Place Many Lighting Fixtures Together

Outdoor lighting aims to draw attention to the item being lit, not the lights. Do not place many bulbs next to each other, achieving the contrary effect.

Creating a spotlight on a unique feature is a good idea. Whether it is that stone wall at the back or a fountain or a palm in the front garden, creating the perfect spotlight is easy. All you have to do is place several lights illuminating the same thing from different angles.

Avoid Straight Line Lighting Along Pathways

Pathways should not be flooded with lights. Aim at only having enough light to allow one to walk along the path.

Avoid arranging pathway lights in a straight line. Play around with the design opting for staggering the lights around and other unique designs.

All landscape installation elements should be lit creatively. If in doubt, seek the advice of a professional.

Choose the Right Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

There are countless options when it comes to outdoor lights. The one you choose will make or break the final results.

LED is the Way to Go

It would be best if you chose bulbs that will light up your home without costing a fortune. LED lights consume less energy and will last a long time. They also do not have the awful glare halogen lights have.

LED lights are available in different temperatures and colors. You can choose from warm yellows to bright whites depending on the part of the garden you are lighting up.

To determine the color of the lights you are buying, look at the Kelvin rating on the package. Low Kelvin ratings of 3500K and below have amber hues, 3500-4100K give white hues while 4200K is on blue lights. Which ones should you use on which part of the outdoors?

Shrubs and trees look perfect under blue lights, while amber lights make the tan or brown on stones come out perfectly. Blue lights are ideal on dark-colored parts such as grays and blacks on walls and pavements.

Use Different Lighting Fixtures Appropriately

There are various kinds of outdoor lighting fixtures. Each type should be put to correct usage.

Flood Lights and Flash Lights

Flood lights are suitable for lighting large areas. They have a coverage angle of about 120 degrees. They are ideal for lighting the driveway or other big areas.

Flashlights have a beam that covers up to 45 degrees. They are useful in highlighting specific items like landscape features.

Both flashlights and flood lights shine from the top lighting areas below them.

Inground Lights and Path Lights

These are lights fixed to the ground and shine to light the areas above them. They come in various shapes and colors. They are perfect for illuminating driveways and walkways.

Inground lights can focus on the lit area rather than the light itself. You can use them to achieve great effects, such as Illuminating an entire tree and creating amazing silhouettes.

Path lights are short lights available in different designs. They are designed to light pathways. They should be set at least one foot from the path area.

Used well, inground and path lights can bring out the appeal to your outdoor areas. Mixed with other kinds of outdoor lights, you can create the perfect effect.

Bottom Line

Outdoor lighting is an excellent addition to your home. With the above tips, you can achieve the perfect look. For best results, let professional landscape lighting experts handle the project.

While looking for an expert to help with outdoor lighting, choose one that also offers landscape design and maintenance services. This will ensure you have perfect outdoors both during the day and night.

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