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Reasons for Building Retaining Walls in Florida

Reasons for Building Retaining Walls in Florida

Retaining walls are like proofreaders: you never notice them until something’s wrong. In this case, “something wrong” doesn’t mean a typo or comma splice – it means significant damage to your property, home, and bank account. As you’ll see below, there are many reasons for building retaining walls.  A retaining wall consists of a row […]

Reasons To Leave Retaining Wall Construction To Landscaping Experts

A retaining wall is suitable for a property with a slope. Retaining walls improve the appearance of a sloped landscape by making it look put together and finished. Aside from the benefits of retaining walls in improving the visual appeal of your landscape, the walls are also known for preventing the soil from creeping its […]

Retaining Walls Add Sophistication And Dimension

Retaining walls lend an air of sophistication and elegance to existing landscapes, accenting special features that are often lost in flat landscapes that are prevalent in Florida. Often used for preventing erosion in an uneven or rocky ground, their primary purpose in Southwest Florida is for decorative purposes. Shaping the ground and installing a retaining […]