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Reasons for Building Retaining Walls in Florida

Reasons for Building Retaining Walls in Florida

Retaining walls are like proofreaders: you never notice them until something’s wrong. In this case, “something wrong” doesn’t mean a typo or comma splice – it means significant damage to your property, home, and bank account. As you’ll see below, there are many reasons for building retaining walls

A retaining wall consists of a row of blocks, stacked stone, bricks, or other durable materials. This wall sits on a slope or hill, protecting your home from various natural disasters. Keep reading to learn why you should invest in a retaining wall.

1. Holding Back Dirt

One critical thing a retaining wall does is hold back dirt and soil. Your Florida property may experience the gradual or sudden movement of earth if you have sloped areas. Retaining walls can support all this dirt, debris, and sediment, keeping it from washing away.

2. Preventing Erosion

Erosion presents a significant issue for many homeowners. Slopes often erode from the added weight of housing foundations, poor landscaping, and even natural causes like age and gravity. A tall wall helps prevent erosion by reinforcing the soil and bracing the landscape.

3. Protecting Against Flooding

Another reason to get a retaining wall is that it protects against flooding. Excess water can create significant problems if you have a sloped property. Rain, puddles, sprinkler runoff, and other water accumulations might lead to flooding and extensive damage.

Building retaining walls today can save you from flood damage tomorrow. You’ll want to research building permits in your area to ensure you follow guidelines and policies. You should also consult professionals to get the ideal retaining wall design for your needs.

4. Creating Functional Space

Most Florida homeowners can’t do much with a steeply sloped area. You can’t mow it easily or use it for gardening or recreation. However, retaining walls can turn your slope into a functional, usable space.

Retaining walls create a tiered structure, contouring slopes and opening up new, flat areas for you to use. You could then add a patio, playground set, swimming pool, garden, tool shed, and many other structures. With a retaining wall, you open the door to exciting possibilities!

5. Improving Aesthetics

If nothing else, retaining walls can improve your home’s aesthetic. A new retaining wall is functional and beautiful, instantly boosting your property’s appearance and value. It also provides an excellent backdrop for planting flowers or shrubbery.

6. Providing Extra Seating

When you host a big pool party or cookout, seating might be an issue. A retaining wall can help by providing a great area to sit, prop supplies, and temporarily hold plates and cups. Sure, it’s more of a bonus reason, but it’s a reason, nonetheless.

Design, Build, and Install Your Retaining Wall with R & R Sprinkler

If you struggle with erosion, flooding, unusable sloped spaces, or even poor aesthetics and outdoor seating, consider building retaining walls. At R & R Sprinkler & Landscape, we offer professional services to give you the yard of your dreams. Go online to request a quote, survey your options, and start transforming your property today!

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